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Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. ok lets make a pointless info thread, cbecause evey1s full of pintless info let it spill!
  2. i have a circular birthmark right above my left nipple identical to Scaramanga from "The man with the golden gun" ;)
  3. i just bought a new cellphone. a siemens s55. it's great. it even came with a plug-in camera. kewl. oh, and i bought the Band of Brothers DVD box. i've seen it through twice already. baked as a mofo naturally. i'm a big ww2 buff. hmm, lessee. ah yes, we played crocket in the park the other day, tokin up like mad, and for some reason i could not hit that ball through the mid X gate. no way in hell could i do it. i was stuck, and the others just cracked up at my futile attempts to get through that gate. ah well, i won the next game when i had gotten my senses under control again :)

    oh, and i'm out of underwear. time to do the laundry again. *sigh*
  4. i just listented in on a phone conversation between my sister and dad because when i answered the phone they were already talking and i didn't want to seem like i was listening because you can tell when someone hangs up a phone, so i ended up listening to the whole thing about us giving her an old tv we never use to take to work so she can get in good with the boss and get a raise... that and im baked... and schsim is a great song... :smoking:
  5. My uncle is getting a 1999 ford windstar for another work van.
  6. im sitting here in a pair of boxers with little lobsters all over them.....
  7. Yo, im new here!!

    Id like to share that were im from (South Africa) its bout just as cheap to smoke weed as siggarettes! And im talkin good shit! Oh, i have to agree that schism is a great song, along with all the other Tool Songs, and oh yes, A perfect sircle is gonna release a new album later this year !!! YEAH!!! ummm, advice for rookie mood-smokers, (if yall know what i mean) Try listening to Mettalica SnM when youre HIGH !!! its absolutely mindblowing!!!


    This is my first official post!!

  8. and a pearl necklace...... :D

  9. Ron Jeremy is god
  10. I spent all of last night fist fighting squirrels for quarters.

    Now you know my only secret.
  11. um... i just got home from work

    my computer is really fucking slow

    i like brisk

    ummmm....i play paintball.. guess you already knew that but HAY
  12. what kinda gun you shoot?

    i've got a JT Excellerator 4, there pretty good guns when half the fucking seals aren't leakin... but i wanna get a timmy... or be cheap and get a 98C and just pimp it out completely!
  13. squirrels are cool. they're like rats, only with a good PR agency :D

  14. i used to have a decent gun..... auto cocker with a 4500psi nitrus set up on it.... sold it for some change though....:)

    if you want a nice gun, get something thats smart part compatable.......

    and for getting back on trac with this thread.....

    my dog looks like a little bear...

  15. I have a birthmark shaped like Africa on my right used to have a corresponding Madagascar too, but it faded away....didn't know birthmarks could fade :confused:
  16. i got an itch.
  17. I got this new hangnail in the toe
  18. today i am hoping to score 4 grams of pot and try out my homemeade gravity bong
  19. it just started raining like mad, the sec. my neighboor got his lawnmower out, just BAM! and now its been downpouring for a couple minutes....

    today i'm playing atari and 4 whelling in the mud at a friends house all baked! hooray!

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