my amazing past two days

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  1. so i went camping with a buncha graduates to this awesome campground in northern new england. there were around 30 ppl the first night and 20 the second. the first day we got there i was really bummed cause i couldnt score any weed OR alcohol. BUT, lucky for me we met a dealer in the weirdest way. god threw me a bone :)

    so heres the scene, we're at this very secret and secluded spot where u can jump off a cliff into a river adn stuff. having a good time trying to figure out how we can get more alcohol. all of the sudden three random kids start walking up to our spot and they introduce themselves. i say "fuck it" and go ahead and ask the oldest lookin one if hes 21. sure enough ;). so not only did this kid get us brew and liqour, he ALSO was a dealer! fuck ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i bought the most amazing shit ive ever had in my life from him. hawt damn. i was so happy to have that random encounter work out perfectly but hey, shit happens!

    so we pretty much partied all day and night and had a good time. gotta love those memories u'll never forget but have a hard time to remember :rolleyes:
  2. damn...i was hoping for ppl to have some fun stories of their own but all im hearing is crickets. is the city occupied at some sort of burning man/hemp fest type deal that i dont know about????
  3. sweet thread bro

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