My Amazing Competion

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Jul 4, 2003.

  1. The best thing anyone sez in the thread will go in my sig with there username next to it
    e.g. Blah blah blah

    so type people type!

    p.s. if i dont like any of them they wont go in at all lol
  2. dr krapp is a funny man
  3. i have NO idea whats going on.....
  4. "JFK is not dead, he's living on the beach in Cuba with Marilyn Monroe, and Jimi Hendrix is his butler, it's all a conspiracy, a conspiracy!!!"
  5. I can't think of anything clever so....I.....

    *Look over there!*

  6. one time i got high, and then it all began
  7. wow, i wasnt expecting anyone to reply. lol
  8. "I, Dr_Krapp, being of sound body and mind, here declaire that I owe Digit, 5 Ozs of the finest herbal bud known to man."
  9. ... hehe... or you could quote me. :p

    If Ignorance is Bliss, Give Me Agony!


    or not.
  10. Ummm, Ummmmm.......(thinks how to create a diversion)......

    *lightbulb appears above XxJWxXs' head*

    *throws a rock*

    *runs and stubs toe on chair*

    *turns red*


    Cant come up with one either
  11. how many times can we enter this competition?

    "for you to cast a shadow, you must first find a light."
    (got it from a trance tune)
  12. Awwww snap!
    I'll hafta bust a rap 'bout my homey Dr Krapp,
    tha village idiot chillin, layin in tha grass
    smokin hash and gettin crashed
    'till tha stash is all cashed
    but he got enuf to last
    till like 10 hours pass

    WerD Dawgs!


  13. don't mind, its the best quote that wins, lol
  14. I was watching caddyshack the other night and heard a great quote.

    "You're crazy"
    "That's what they said about Son of Sam"

    I was rolling in the floor. The situation was great. This guy was about to get some from a girl and she called him crazy and he said that. She didn't react to it at all. I recommend everyone watch that movie again. I hadn't seen it in a few years. Also the hybrid grass was awesome.

    "It's a cross between Kentucky Blue Grass and Northern California Sensimilla. You can play 36 holes on it and at the end of the day take it home and get high."

    He says something like that. You may have to rent the movie to get the exact quote.
  15. ok.. how about his one.....

    "the worst thing anyone could do is quote someone and not know who said it" - someone
  16. 'your mom'

  17. WORD!

  18. Actually it would be logical, cause ya know Jimi would be gettin some Marilyn action on tha side, he gots him a thang for white girls.
  19. coworker:"What was that noise?"
    me:"hey, you hear it too?"
    me:"oh, cool, i thought i was delusional"

    -conversation I had 2 days ago at work.

  20. i thoguht i should give a deadline so the competion ends a 12am GMT then i'll pick the winner

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