My Amare & Hydroponics Hut - O.C., GG#4 Grow

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    Trying to make up my mind as to what LED I wanted was tough. Over the year I learned allot & waited for the new COB tech to come out, replacing 3 watt panels. Think I've been Following Amare since the day that came out. Watched many a threads with happy plants & owners. They don't claim anything but they do offer full transperancy & simply say our results will speak for themselves. The owner, Victor was very helpful in answering my questions & always got right back to me. When it came to the Hydroponics Hut, I couldn't find much from people that owned one. Their web-site makes a few interesting claims that I somehow, someway wanted to believe. The company doesn't offer tech. Data or Par readings. They can be a lil difficult to get in touch with. The intriguing concept with the HH was that they cover their select spectrum with primarily a single chip rather then using Mono colors (RGB). The Amare uses all quality components & is Enhanced White. Both are new technology. Both have COBs surrounded by 5 watters. Both are running between 450-500 watts. This is not a completely fair comparison plant wise as the Amare side was favored with slightly bigger plants. Although there should be plenty of plant for each light. All 6 GG#4's were cloned off the same broken branch. For 2 3/4 months in a tight space contending for the light above so I had to bend them over quite a bit to fit them under the trellis. They had only one day to fill in & I switched to 12/12 right away. Both sides had a broken plant going in. So, I'm giving the HH a mental hand-cap & am focussing on how the plants grow from here. All are welcome to see my findings on the Hydroponics Hut Using the Amare as my reference to a quality LED grow light.
    NUTES: TechNaFlora w/ supplemental Nutes from Heavy-16 ,AN, Mills, Rock Rez, & Terpinator.
    MEDIUM: 50% CoCo-LoCo (FoxFarms) 25% Miosture +25% Aeration (Biotanicare)
    LIGHTS: Amare SE-450 & Hydroponics Hut X5-500
    Co2: Yes
    POTS: 7 Gallon

    For some reason I can't post a picture. I'll try tom.
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  2. I'm jelly over that 450.
    But I am surely happy with my ss350 w/uvb
    This was my last run under the 350's

    This is my current run.

    Good luck with your grow under these lights. Show off some pics when you get a moment.
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  3. I love seeing these lights results. More poeple need to post their GPW though. What's your #'s coming in at? I get a pound off most strains with 600 watts of HPS so if I can beet that with the 450 then I'll be happy. Loving the reduction in heat & it covers my 4'x4' with ease. Still need to try out those lenses. Those are some real-deal lenses I must say.
    Your plants look awesome! Keep the pics coming in & hopefully I'll have some soon.
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  4. I'm still running under a gpw. My last run was right at .75 gpw. It's not the lights tho it's me. I harvested about 10 days early last run too, nanners got me. These last 2 runs I've ran big plants, low numbers. I always do better when I run high numbers and small plants.
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  5. Some poeple were hating on my Amare saying they've never seen results over at RIU, so I clipped them your bud shot. I hope you don't mind? Was getting frustrated & acted w/o thinking or asking. Couldn't help myself. Not many Amare peeps there.
    I have a plant count so I'm stuck w/ running big plants only. Originally bought my Amare & HH lights to run 1 plant each but with these O.C. GG's I fit 3 under the trellis. So, that's enough plant to max out the light n see what we get from each.
    It's not a proper scrog though. Bent the plants 1'-18" just to fit them under there & never let them grow in before hitting the switch. So, we won't be seeing huge colas but prob. A bunch of smaller spears.
    How many 350's & what else do you run for lighting? Nice color on your buds!
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  6. Ya stole my pics???? :laughing: Thats cool, no prob. There are a couple on the Amare website at their photo gallery. I have 5 of em. Bought em over the last year. That's all I'm running. I vegged them under just the cobs, and I'm happy with them. I used to run Gavita 1k de's. They're good lights but I couldn't run em about 4-5 months out of the year due to heat. The flower room is small 10x10. I'm still learning.
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  7. It's not letting me post a pic.
  8. I usually copy the image direct url and paste it in my post. With this upgrade I had to click on the picture icon and paste the url in the box.
  9. Well when you can I'm anxious to see. I have 4-GG#4 in my tent....scrogging them hasn't been easy...they're real leggy. Hoping height isn't an issue.
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  10. Sorry folks still can't post pictures. The Amare is killing it. The HH does well but just not as well. Had to raise the lights to their max & I'm getting a 38" footprint. Removing the Amare lenses.
  11. If you need to slow things down a bit run just the monochromes. That was a handy piece of advice that Victor gave me a while back. I had a mean stretch going on.
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  12. image.jpg image.jpg Yes! Pics. I'll catch up tom.
  13. Alright! We have a show. They're looking really nice. How much room between canopy and the the lights? Just curious. Are you running the uv tube? If so for how long each day? You're doing an awesome job. Thanks for sharing.
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  14. Ok, let's start from the beginning. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
    This is just under a week of vegging under the HH. I was real impressed using the Select LED spectrum for the first time. Deffinetly way outperformed my 8 bulb 4' T-5 at 1/2 the watts.
    Got a great plant response to the Amare in veg too but only got to use it on these big jalopies.
    Both lights did real well in veg. Now how will they Flower?!!!
    Full power on both. More up-dates to catch up to now tonight folks!
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    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg Tried the lenses last week on the Amare but didn't quite have the hieght I needed so took the middle lenses off to get a better spread. Then decided to w/o lenses n drop it lower. W/ lenses on @ 27" high off the canopy I had a 38-40" footprint. Victor had advised me to be 32"+ w/ lenses. But w/o them I have the 4'x4' covered.
    Getting wind-burn on the front side here but I'll be moving the oscillating fan higher ASAP.
    Both sides look good but the Amare side is explosive. Kind've wish I made even size plants on each side now as the HH really isn't going to bad!
    If hieght is an issue I recommend a Nute I use called Vitalize by Mills (Mills Pays Thd Bills), some may be familiar with Aptus?. Pretty much the same but 30% cheaper. It's a special form of silica amongst other ingredients that helps build plant vigor & reduces stretch. Funny thing is though, it doesn't really work on my GG's as noticeably as my other strains. That stuffs allowed me to flower some plants I never would've been able to. I use it in veg & up to week 3 of flower. Also use Heavy-16 Roots up to week 3 of flower every other feed.
    Kind've made my own special nutrient recipe from a few lines. It's a weekly recipe that changes with stages of development. I've done real well w/ it since I got I dialed in 4 grows ago.
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  16. Canopy shots: image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  17. image.jpg image.jpg Close-ups
    If you look close you can see 4, red 660's on in 4 or 5 of the 9 squares in the HH. That's the only secondary or Mono light color. The rest is all one color. I don't see any other companies doing that except Kessill & that's a lil different! It's One of the things that intrigued me about the HH.
    Here I have the 2 center lenses off the Amare as a test for spread & intensity.
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  18. Buds beginning! Liking this led growing! Feed tonight. Finally got the room dialed in. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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  19. Looking good in here hybrid. I think you will like the end results you get from the ss450.
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  20. Thanks bud! How's everything over there?
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