My "almost caught" story

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  1. This happened a few weeks ago, and I got away with it because of what I learned on grasscity. The moral in this story has been stated alot on this site, and is very important. I figured I would state it again considering a few posts I saw.

    So it was me and the dudes, driving around smoking a blunt and figuring out what we're going to do during the night. So we decide to get this older friend of ours to buy us two six packs of hurricanes and we went to the creek and started drinking. I didnt drink alot because I don't really drink so I only had one (16oz) the other guys had about 2. So we then go to this guys house and take bong hits in the backyard and chill. Most of us are getting tired and it's time for all of us to go home. So we all get in the car and our friend dropped everyone off. My house is the farthest so he starts driving there. I'm starting to fall asleep and I just wanna wake up in front of my place.

    I'm zoning out and all of a sudden we crash hard into something and veer off and crash into the curb. I'm like "What the fuck?" and he's like holy shit what happened. Turned out I wasn't the only one dozing off, as we had just crashed into a parked van on the side of the road. We both got out and he calls his dad to come by, and all the neighbors get out and start questioning my friend asking why he just crashed into their parked car, and asked if he was drunk. All the neighbors start saying that the police need to be called and my friend said "can't you wait longer?" and they said no we need to call them now. So me and him get back into the car and he hands me the bamboo steamroller and tells me to go stash that shit in a bush somewhere. I start walking down the road trying to find a place the neighbors wont see me, and I end up right next to an elementary school. But before I even get there I see the cops roll down to where my friend was at. I was so glad they didnt stop. So I stashed the steamroller and headed back to my friend (BAD MOVE I SHOULD HAVE DIPPED OUT). I figured the cops would only ask questions about the accident, and would be nice. Boy I figured wrong.

    I get there and they're already questioning my friend. And one comes up and starts grilling the hell out of me. I was baked as hell and my nightmare was becoming true in front of my eyes as he starts being all mean and asking "were you blazing up?" "do you have any drugs on you?" "you on any drugs?" "were you drinking?". I was like oh shit, but remembered to JUST SAY NO. Then he aims the flashlight in my eye and makes some sort of "Oh he's fucked up" comment to another officer. By then there were alot of cops there. He gave me the pen test (where they tell you to focus on the tip of the pen and follow it) and I failed it. He said "Son your telling me one thing but your body is telling me something differnt". I told him I'm on a pain medication for some tooth work (which was true) and that got him off my back for the moment and he had me sit down on the curb. Some other cop came up to me and started asking about me and my friends saying "I know who you and your friends are and what you all do". I told him I didnt know what he was talking about and gave him the run around. The other cop was talking to my friend, and came back all pissed off. He says "Alright partner you're telling me your story all over again I know your lying". "you were blazing up we know it". I kept saying no I dont know what you're talking about. And he says "Ok you keep lying to me you keep saying you just want to go home but with you doing this youre going to jail". So I get asked irrelevent questions by the other one and the other one comes up all pissed again" ok we know youre lying your friend already admitted what you all did". So I'm thinking ("wait he had no reason to admit shit since we're clean and I've read shit on grasscity about all this") and just said I have no idea what you're talking about. He gave me his pissed off response, and my friends dad came and the cop talked to him, and read the charges to my friend (all he got was a "losing control of vehicle" charge) then the cops all left. So it turned out my friend never said shit to the cop nor did they ask him anything about weed or nothing. They were just on my ass because I had red eyes and wanted to get me to admit shit. So his dad took me home and I reflected on what happened.

    The moral is: NEVER ADMIT SHIT EVER COPS WILL LIE. I learned this from grasscity posts, so thank you guys.
  2. good job on not giving in to the bullshit cops put you through.
  3. Nice job, you gotta stay on your toes. You handled the situation well, I hope you went back and got your Stuff? +rep, for beating the Police Scare Tactics.
  4. I'm glad you benefited from the city :) I'm sure it'll come out handy for me too once apon a time.
  5. Great job man, way to keep your wits about you. +rep for not taking the heat from the cops
  6. Yeah cops are gheyy dude. I had that same shit happen to me, but I knew to just deny. It's something like half the time people screw themselves over when everything would of been fine if they just denied, or at least not admitted!

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