My Ak48 And Bagseed Plants. Opinions?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by halfstoned, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. right now I got 2 spots out in the woods. at the first spot I have 2 bag seed plants and 1 ak48 sprout. and at the second I have 2 bag seed and 4 ak48. let me know what you guys think about them this is my first serious grow.


  2. They look good man.  
  3. about damn time. lol thanks
  4. Yea this place can be that way.  I posted many that got no response at all
  5. they look really nice! how long have they been planted?
  6. the ak48 in the front white bucket was planted on 5-8 I think. and all the others were in the sane time frame, some sooner some later.
  7. Looks nice dude! I bet they'd get huge in the ground!
  8. thanks. yea I'm just finishing up this season in buckets and next year ill put them in ground . I'm sure they'll still get fairly big like they are.
  9. It wouldn't hurt to put one in the ground ;D haha im just teasing bro, yeah I hear the 5 gals yield anywhere for 4-10 oz's give or take a few Oz's
  10. better be at least 10 oz or ima be disappointed. lol
  11. Prep a hole, throw the mix back in it then cut the bottom off the bucket and set it on top of the hole.  I plan to do that with a couple this summer.
  12. I might. how do u plan on cutting the hard ass plastic and manage to still keep the plant intact?
  13. use a hacksaw. it will take you some time but it can be done.
  14. yea I suppose. but that wud mean I'd have to buy one so ill probly keep them in buckets and next year ill go all in ground.
  15. time for a update. seems like everything is coming along nicely. still not showing the slightest sign of sex so I'm guessing their gonna get alot bigger. been using 5-1-1 fish fertilizer since the start of veg weekly.



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