my AK47 x Lowryder show some love people

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 420daily14, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. nice job man, looks great! how many watts do you have total? also, are you able to keep the temps down with only a couple cpu fans? keep it up
  2. Loving your PC setup, could you post some more pics of it? What kind of filter do you use for your exhaust fan(s)?

    Speaking of fans, how do you wire them and your lights to your electrical source?

    What kind of lights have you been using throughout your grow? And are they auto's?
  3. thanks not sure how many watts total but trying searching for videos online on how to get a pc grow box started thats the best way to go for a rookie
  4. some before and after pics i trimmed her a little bit

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  5. more pics

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  6. nice fat bud, but what is up with that screen? you can't scrog a lowryder- an autoflower probably, but i don't think so with the lowryder

  7. i didnt really know anything about scroging i just made it my self and threw it in their to keep the plant down but anyways im still knew to growing and trying to learn a little bit
  8. hey man, did you get a chance to read my last comment? :smoke:
  9. with 1 cpu fan i was able to keep temps fine...1 intake and 1 out take
  10. How was the smell?
  11. haha why is there chicken wire in the first pics?
    Nice growins btw
  12. the smell isent that strong but when i rub my hands against the plant i can smell the nice buds

    chicken wire was put in to keep the plant from growing to high. it was an epic fail becuase i ended up just cuting a big hole in the middle and let the bitch grow
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  13. Did you trim the tops of your plants? Just wondering why there are no leaves above the chicken wire.
  14. no i didnt, the first pic pages i didnt trim it. second page pics i did trim
  15. Nice one man how old is it ,I have three outdoors

  16. cool, how many gallon pots are they in
  17. There in 25 litre pots plenty of room lol ,so how old is the plant buddy
  18. pretty pretty old they about to go chop chop

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