My Adventures With Bongwater

Discussion in 'General' started by Sinister, Feb 12, 2003.

  1. Okay, first off let me say that I do NOT recommend EVER chugging down ice cold bongwater.

    Heres how my day went today, heh. First im awakened by some friends banging on my house right after I woke up, and they wanted me to meet them at another friends house to smoke up. I didnt take a shower or anything yet but I was like alright and threw my shoes and shit on and went to his house.

    We eventually smoked some and migrated at this girl's house who has the house to herself this week with a huge entertainment system and big screen tv.

    So we make a bong out of a fruit juice bottle and a pen tube and a socket. We poke a hole in it for a carb and put ice in the water. We pass it around throughout about 3 bongpacks until a friend showed up and then we smoked 2 more.

    Me being the chatty dumbass I am while this stoned mentioned a clip out of the KMK Dopeumentary where a guy drinks the bongwater after inhaling a big hit from it. So im like "yea, I could do that shit" oh what a mistake it was, my friends.

    So after what seemed like a eternity of all these people bugging me to do it, we go into the girls kitchen and im holding the packed bong while everyone gathers around the island thing to watch. I take a big hit, inhale, exhale, and begin to chug the bongwater.

    OH GOD it tasted HORRIBLE, and everytime i brought the bong down to get some fresh breath id spit some out by force and almost puke, hearing my friends bitch and moan in the backround I continue chugging as much as possible while my eyes water and I feel really sick. Anyways, I felt like shit for the next hour and had a horrible bongwater taste in my mouth for a while.

    Again, I do not recommend it, and no matter what someone tells you, drinking bongwater is not easy, but it did make my high more intense, who knows tho, I was damn high to begin with.

    Hope you enjoyed the story, heh.
  2. ew... you.. you do understand that that's all the shit you filtered out? you really won't get that much from it... thc might be sticky stuff, but it doesn't stick to water, thats why its the usual thing to put in yer bong... all the other crap goes in the water the THC goes in your lungs, process over! liquid consumption is not part of the process... oh wait ... why am i bothering to tell you?!? its too late and you've obviously learned your lesson. i just cant beleive u continued drinking it... thats some willpower u got.
  3. Yea man, I wasnt after drinking it to get more high, I just did it because it was a challenge heh, ill sure as hell never do it again tho, it was terrible, really.
  4. :D


    That sounds like a great idea for Fear Factor. See how many bongs full of skanky bongwater you have to chug down in ten minutes.
  5. i chugged the bong water before. it taste like shit

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