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My Adventure at the Patriots Parade

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by persondudeguy, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. Oh, today was wild. I woke up at 8, skipped school, went over my friend's house who had about seven people around drinking/smoking. I smoked a bowl, and we got a ride to the train station from someone's mom. Lets just say its hard climbing into the back of the truck when you're high. So his mom all of a sudden says: "Were you smoking? I smell it on you boys!" We were like "no" and she asked if we had it on us. We said "no" and she told us in the back to lie down because if a police car saw us he'd pull us over, and wed be screwed. So as I stumble out of the window on the way out I go on the train. I'm sitting between some businessman going into work and a fag in my school trying to talk to me. I'm closing my eyes, trying to ride it, when the swaying of the train got to me. I puked straight down. Sucked. People around me didn't even know till they saw it/me or smelled it. And there were so many chicks from my grade around us. :-| So I'm sitting there with my head on the seat ahead of me, sleeping/passing out with a pool of puke below me. Well my friends were drunk themselves so I can't blame them but they persuaded me to stay on the train and ride it back to my town. So they left and I stayed there, till the conductor-guy came over and kicked me out, saying it was the last stop. I got the last laugh; he didn't notice the puke till after. So I spend the rest of the day wandering Boston burnt out and with my puked-on jacket in my arm, freezing my balls off. So I end up finding my friends at a train station miles away from where I started. They thought I had taken the train home and never thought about me, lol. I never got to see my Patriots, I spent the entire day burnt out and feeling sick, freezing cold, walking for miles. And so many people from my school went, I find out when I get home everyone who skipped gets two saturday 6-hour detentions, all work/homework/tests/quizes scheduled for that day I get a zero on, and I have to explain to my mom the puke on my jacket when I get home. Goddamnit. Why'd I get sick tho? I took 3 hits off my bowl with my weed. The only ever time I had smoked during the day (like today) I got sick (I didn't puke that time though, but I felt like it). Maybe I wasn't meant to smoke during the day? Or maybe this is a wake up call, you shouldn't smoke and ride a fucking train.
  2. Maybe you should have went to school.. haha
  3. that sucks youre getting in trouble. my schools relativly chill about shit like that.
  4. wow that sux's man
  5. that really sux, i always smoke and ride the train, its pretty wierd when you smoke alot, you get some crazy head rushes, lol, anyways my school doesn't do that shit when you do that, sux 4 you.
  6. dude i was at that parade, u didnt miss much. got baked after though so its all good
  7. my buddy went, but he couldnt see nothing because there was too many people so he took off, and went to hooters for lunch. heh. and hes gonna be hooking me up with a quarter of mids for 50 bucks, they arent my top choice but the price is right, so ill come on down. :p
  8. i wanted to go to that, but had to go to school. A bunch of my friends went in, they said it was the best time, smoking weed everywhere, girls flashing, etc. I wish i went. I love taking the train into boston all fucked up, i went to a celtics game a month or two ago 2 blunts and 6 shots or so of vodka deep, mmmm i felt real good, the train ride adds to everything.

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