My Advanced Nutrients Feeding Schedule

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  1. So HERE is what I've been doing and what's been working for me so far.

    I haven't run into any nute problems yet. I however just switched from Sensi Bloom A&B and testing out the Connoisseur A&B. This was being done through soil. I'm currently doing a soil run with a recirculating drip system and they look good. The next run will be in an rDWC system so that's why I show the pH in the Hydro range rather than 6.3 pH.

    Interested to see who else has a similar schedule and if there is anywhere you think I should push or pull back nutes. Looking into using Pirahna as well but it was kind of steep so I waited.
  2. I've used AN's Piranha as a part of the Bigger Yields Expert Grower Bundle, but I haven't used Connoisseur A&B either in a while or at all. I've fried some brain cells. LOL.

    I'll be watching this thread.
  3. First of all, if anyone tells you to feed heavier or lighter without seeing your plants ignore them. It's impossible to know whether plants are getting over or underfed without looking at them. Well so long as you're not giving hydro plants pure water or undilluted nutrients anyway.

    Looking at your chart it's not quite clear... are you using Sensi Bloom and Connoisseur together? I wouldn't do that personally, I'd just use one or the other. Also, are you measuring your base nutes by ppm and then adding additives by volume? That's an unusual technique but if it's working for you I don't see any reason to change.

    What I do is I just follow the nutrient calculator, adjust the strength down if the plants are small or a light feeding strain, and not much else really. I used to spend a lot more time tracking pH and ppm but after a grow on the pH Perfect line I quit doing that. It became pretty obvious pretty early that the pH wasn't going to drift far enough to cause trouble. So long as I don't mix crazy-strong they're happy as pigs in mud.
  4. The empty line in the chart, separates the veg and flower cycles. I'm using Sensi grow A&B to Veg, and the connoisseur A&B to flower. I add in all the extra additives first and then add in the Base to match the ppm.
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    I personally have just finished my first hydroponic grow and I had a lot of problems with overdosing and nutrients all together. I was using a tsp to measure and just put what the bottle said probably around 60-70ml of each per 5gal. I'm trying to find a good feeding chart for my Advanced Nutrients Ph Perfect 3 part (40ml each per 5gal. now) because I have plenty to last me. I also have been adding the recommended amount of Big Bud booster (1 1/2 tsp per 5gal. now). I'm using 5gallon DWC buckets with expanded clay pellets and none degradable peatmoss starters cubes. I'm running a 1000w vented hood light with 6" inline fan and ducting 6" tall boy active carbon filter and cO2 generator (homemade sugar and high active yeast design from high times tips book, really works). So if anyone can help me out it'd be much appreciated, thanks.
  6. Did you check out the AN nutrient calculator on the site?  That's the best place to start, I would think.  And I've called the AN customer service line before, so there's another option.

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