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My Address, My Body, My Soul

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Gunja Fairy, Sep 2, 2003.

  1. Yeah i really want a pen Pal as in the old days with paper and shit. I have a P.O. Box , anyone interested???? Come on.
  2. hahahha how old are you? why do you want a pen pal??
  3. uh.. dude ur not a cop are you?
  4. yeah, why do it with paper and shit? its much quicker on this here invention called the computer.
  5. The reason that i want a real paper pen pal is cause i cant afford a computer and i love to write when im stoned. I use the computer at work so i cant get high and type. Plus I just do so please there has to be someone outthere that wants a pen pal..

    Im 20 by the way..
  6. I just want a pen pal. Im 20 and i hate computers, i cant actually afford one anyway. I like writing letters when im stoned and i cant go to work stoned and use the computer

    Please there has to some one out there that will want a pen pal
  7. don't hit submit reply twice. Uh i was thinking about getting a pen pal, but i'm kinda busy now and i don't know if i'd have much time to write.
  8. Sure, I'm down for it. Sounds like fun even.
  9. my girlfriend would kick my ass if i got a letter from somone

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