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  1. So i have been living in the States for 4 years now, and since i have an accent i have always noticed that my accent has held me back countless times from being who i really am. moved here from Africa.
    Im from Africa, and in my country (I would rather not name my country) english is my 2nd language, when we go to school we learn in english, if you see signs, banners, posters or anything that includes writing it will be in english. one of the reason for this is because our 1st language is harder to read and write than english. infact seeing someone that can fluently read and write our language is pretty hard, but almost anyone can read and write in english.
    So i have never had a problem with speaking english, infact when i just moved here i was put into ESL 1, it goes up till ESL 4 ( English as a Second Language), and i was only in the ESL class for 2 days and the teacher said i shouldnt be in any ESL class, so she immediatly sent me to the school admistration building to get tested, i took a test and was immediatly sent to regular english, all within 2 days.
    The problem tho is my Accent, during my first year here i noticed i had the Accent, but now these days i can barely recognize the accent, the only problem is others are always pointing out my accent, and this has led to me being scared to speak out alot of times, i dont have public speaking issues, i just dont want my accent out and have everybody look at me funny, especially when im trying to fit in, let face it having someone you just met ask you where you are from whenever you speak isnt as cool as you might think.
    So is there any way i can better my accent?

  2. Stop caring what people think about you. You can't change how you talk. Be you, be happy.
  3. Don't worry about it man!

    Although I've never had to worry about how my accent sounded, I can understand what your saying about it. I think the key is to just keep living in the states. Your brain will slowly adjust and the accent will slowly disappear. My old boss was British and unless her accent slipped through on occasion you wouldn't have been able to tell

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  4. Thanks man!
    And it actually kinda sucks, but the good thing is have havent been taking it too hard because i could speak proper english, and the accent is the only problem, (There are some that have it worsts, that have problem understanding and speaking enlgish)
    But it really sucks when you are having a general discussion and you think of something funny that you would like to say, but instead you just decided to keep it to yourself so everyone doesnt look at you.
    it varies based on the atmosphere, i dont have a problem at all speaking with friends, or peoples i know.
  5. When they criticize your English ask them how many languages can they speak?
    If they're American chances are they can only speak one.
  6. Problem is most high school kids wont care what i say.
    Some of them usually mock my accent, and the most effective counter i had that would shut them off is telling them that they have nothing over me as by the evidence of the way they dress.
    Example, How are you trying to mock someone because he is african when he dresses way better than you? this would most of the time shut them up
  7. Love your accent. I'm European and speak 4 languages, I have no accent in each language; and I think its boring. Accents make you stand out and be interesting.
  8. Wait a second, think hard for one second, you are who you are and that's it. From experience I can tell you that women will become more interested in the real you, so make sure you embrace your roots and culture and individuality, seriously man. Share your life, they will open up more, be light, make sure to have fun with her, show interest when she talk to you, respect her, listen to her, be friendly, yada yada and show confidence. I have plenty african friends who are in relationships so don't worry so much about your accent.
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    Did you even read this guy's thread?
    If you did, where in the actual fuck did this guy say anything about a girl/relationship or any of the random stuff you just babbled on about..?
  10. The common message is the right one: Your accent doesn't let people accurately judge your character, so there's nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. The only reason you're having an issue with this at all is because:
    High school kids are douchebags in general. They feed off of drama, meaning that if you let it bother you then you're giving them what they want. Once you get out of high school though you shouldn't have to worry about your accent holding you back. Well, maybe you will if you live in the deep South (USA) or something, but that's just because if you weren't born there then you'll likely not be accepted there
  11. OP must go to a school with few immigrants. At diverse high schools plenty of kids have accents. Even the popular ones.
  12. OP I am South African (coloured) and worked in Philadelphia for 3 months with 11 other South Africans. The group I was in wadspretty mixed race which meant a lot of different accent amongst us. Wherever we went people would ask where we were from. We used it as a conversation starter rather than seeing it as a problem. Even dealing with ceo's was interesting with them trying to work out the accent
  13. Those kids honestly sound really scared that you're going to bang their girlfriends... which you easily could if you wanted top. You said yourself you dress better than them!
  14. They are not even on my level, which is why most of the time i would just choose to ignore them, but when someone is consistently intimidating you and you just sit there and say nothing back it gives them some kind of power over you, and they will conssistently keep doing it. i might just be overthinking things.
    Have to say the girls are really cool with it tho, infact i dont believe i have ever had a girl say something or try to bug me because of it.
    Just yesterday when i shut one of the boys up, this really chill girl overheard me and she came and told me that "I'm too classy to fight"
    And yeah i could easily bag their girls, but that providing if they even have girlfriends.
  15. Call them a pussy.

    90% of the time, they are.

    But for that 10%, make your point.
  16. If you have a West African accent, people will think you have ebola.
  17. Anyone ever hear Yoko Ono talk? It's a mixture of NY and japanese. Sounds funny. Linda McCartney was born and raised in America, but when she moved to England, she picked up a bit of the accent there too. It happens.
  18. A simple "Go fuck yourself" gets the message across no matter your accent. Just stay calm when they say things. If they cannot get a satisfying reaction out of you, they will quickly get bored. Just don't visibly or audibly show anger or fear.
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    Embrace the accent  and stay true to yourself.  I have friends with accents and I'll make fun of how they say something, but that's why I love them.  They are different.  Many girls love accents as well because it makes you seem "exotic."  It's only weird if you make it weird. Be yourself.
    Don't get aggressive with anyone unless they are intentionally harassing you about your accent.  Some people may make subtle jokes about it which is fine, just joke back.

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