my $70 Bong Milkshot!

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    got this sweet thing in the mail this morning!!
  2. nice piece for a 12 year old lol, but no you look young:) Nice rip

  3. 19:)
    but yeah, i do look young. always getting ID'd... lol
  4. Nice purchase man, stay young long!
  5. how can you say he looks young? i dont get it... o_O
  6. He edited the photo it had part of his face in it before. Or maybe I'm just psychic
  7. Haha I'm 18 and basically never get ID'd when I have a beard, most people are surprised when I tell them my age, moment I shave it off I look like I'm in high school again.

  8. yeah, figured i didnt want a whole thread of hate comments you know:p
  9. No hate here my man! :D
  10. my phones retarded
  11. Where'd you get that thing?! Pm me or something

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