my 7 week old green crack plant

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  1. flowering for 6 days....

    its a girl (yay)

    and shes a bushy beast


    its been LSTd heavily.....i dont have much vertical space....

    any comments/help/anything is appreciated....

    i have one question if neone wants to help..:wave:

    the last pic is NOT updated...that is about a week b4 flower, so maybe a week n a half ago...

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  2. Lookin good man, using CFL's?
  3. yes i am.....2700k atm.....8 right now, going to grab four more tomo and hang those for the sides of the plants as you can see shes real bushy, id like to get as much light to the lower nodes as possible...

    there are a ton of buds going to be grown on this plant, i wanna make sure i have enough light to ensure decent coloas and not a bunch of lil popcorn nugs
  4. lack of light is my only issue right now :(
  5. i shuldbe took a picture to show the height....shes about 14-16 inches tall already :x
  6. Hop on craigslist and look for HID high bay lighting. Searching 'metal halide' or 'High pressure sodium' usually comes up with some really good stuff.

    I bought my 400 watt HPS for 25 and my 400 watt MH for 35.

    When I first saw this thread, I was thinking it was a 3-4 week old plant. A 7 week plant under HID lighting would more than likely be twice that size.

  7. its been LSTd heavily.....i dont have much vertical space....

    im NOT buying marijuana growing supplies off craigslist.....

  8. You're right. You'd be buying lighting for a warehouse or garage.

    95% of the people that are selling HID lighting are from warehouses that are converting to Florescent lights.

    How many people do you really think know that you can grow plants with high bay warehouse lighting? Everyone usually assumes you need some super special grow light.

    If you pay the person for the light, what the hell do they care what you're doing with it? :rolleyes:

  9. id rather go to my grow shop in town, i have a great relationship with them and they hook me up, i dont mind paying 10% extra $ for peace of gotta be able to understand that...:rolleyes:
  10. also i dont think u realize how big this plant actually is champ....

    hey man, thanks for the helpful comments btw!!! :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  11. little update....

    i love this fucking plant...

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    for anyone saying this plant is "small"......that book is about 8 x 12 inches....

    i LSTd this plant very heavily, therefore as opposed to growing UP, its growing OUT then UP...which is pretty awesome.....

    i have plenty of budsites with very little room......looking to get about 20-40 grams off this one plant, anyone see anything that would stand in the way of this?

    i have 8 CFL 2700k bulbs and 2 the moment.....coming from all directions....lights all over the place so i can get maximum light to the bottom nodes

    im going to take pics of the bottom of this plant......even those are not spindly "popcorn bud" producers, they are all beasts..

    /excited, tired of working on plants

    also u can see my cat in the first pic....shes a 8 year old 14 pound full grown kitty, to give u a lil bit more idea of the size........cats love to chew on fuckin pot plants huh?? lol
  13. shit, ive got roots coming out the bottom hole....

    do i need to transplant this thing AGAIN??

  14. No kidding man, My friend and I once tried growing and his cats kept eating the damn thing!
    Nice grows though, I'm going to have to book mark this for whenever I begin to grow in the future.
  15. yeah man ive never ever seen her act like that.....she was LOVING it....taking snap bites at it like an alligator and she has NEVER done that before, only on weed lol.....she loves it whatever....

    i wish my older thread didnt get deleted....i had this plant in a journal from day 1...

    if u ever need help let me know
  16. if ihad more lighting, this plant would take off, i know it....

    i just set up a whole new room for it (it got taller than i wanted, fucking forgot to LST a branch....the canopy is almost perfectly even cept that one, fucker)

    neways, i added 2 more lights yest, they were a different brand than i normaly use and i gotta say, what a difference...

    anyways, im setting up a closet now to finish this thing off as its gonna kep growing and i dont want to hold her back nemore...

    she is a bushy fuckin BEAST!!!!

    cant wait to smoke her...well i can wait, but shes gonna taste sooo good :)
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    Hey man, thanks for stopping by my thread.
    Nice grow ya got over here! Subbed!
    Your girl looks real bushy and awesome, just like I like to keep mine. :laughing: It's a great technique when you're using CFL's as well. Height doesn't mean shit if it's not givin' you buds, right?

    Green Crack sounds like a delicious strain. I hear it's a real trippy, spacey high. Isn't it clone-only, though?

    Also, what's the question that you have? ^

    I would say to re-pot her, but it's probably going to be a bitch since she's so huge. It's your call, but I think bigger roots = higher yield. I have mine in 5gal smart pots right now and they're loving it.

    Anyways, nice grow. She's looking really healthy and green. You're right, with more room/light, she will definitely take off.
  18. thanks for the reply and going to try to address most of ur post now, but i jus got off work and im very high now, this damn alaskan thunderfuck is no joke...

    anyways, apparatnely its not clone only as i grew from seed....i got my seeds from...lets just call it a "reputable seed bank" overseas...they were feminized and i still have 8 left :)

    i wanna repot her too, but like u said, its gonna be such a fucking pain, and the pot i have her in now is pretty huge itself (i believe 3 gallon)
    everyday there are new roots poking out the bottom looking for nutes, so i might not have a choice in the matter...

    im moving it to the new room tomo afternoon, so it will finally have space to grow and enough lights....i woke up this morning, one of my best tops was growing into the bueno lol..

    and to be honest, i completely forgot the question i wanted to ask lmao...itll come to me, thanks bro!
  19. :poke:
    Hey man, how's that Green Crack comin' along?
  20. no pictures?

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