My 600w dimmable Digital Ballast Question?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by greenops, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Right now I'm running a 250w Lumatek Dig Ballast.
    I'm thinking of upgrading to 600w Cultureleux dimmable ballast. It can be set to 300w, 450w and 600w. I'd be running it on 300w for 1-2 grows. I'm planning to get a bigger grow box next year anyway, so i can use the same ballast and run it on 450w or 600w.

    I'm not familiar with the brand. It's the only ballast brand this one grow shop (actually big as a warehouse) around here offers and its about 40% cheaper than the dimmable Lumitek available in other shops.

    So, to buy or not to buy?
    Will it be OK to run a dimmable ballast on the lowest level during a whole grow?
    Is the efficiency of a dimmable ballast same as a normal digital ballast?
  2. Not to buy..... Lumatec is known established name , on the top of that Lumatec ballast comes with 5 year warranty....
  3. OK, lets say i get the lumitek...

    is it advisable to use the dim function on a 600w ballast, efficiency wise?
    Or will get more out of a 400w dig ballast?
  4. The best ratio Lumen per Watt is from 600W setting.
    I do not think it will eat less energy if you dimm it... But i can be wrong...

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