My 6000w (3)4x8scrog

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  1. hi everyone I am sorry I have lagged on doing this, and this is my first journal on here so bear with me, here goes... There is (3)4x8 trays that are being scrogged and 1 tray that has what I call traditional training. the 3 trays are green crack, the other is master kush. each tray is under 2000watts so theres a total of 8000 :D this is my first scrog, so learning about the placement, etc. as I go, but I dont want to get drawn out with mundane details so if there is anything you want to ask or comment on, please do. I think this forum is great for farmers to toss ideas around and honestly that's the reason I'm doing this, to give ideas, and get them. thanks for checking my op out. I will upload more pics tomorrow, this is all I could do at the moment. I could only put one pic of the kush up but more to come.:smoke:

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  2. sorry folks im a stoner lol i forgot to say these pics were taken day 23 of flower and I veg for 3 weeks... thanks!
  3. Looks really good man , got a Whole room shot? im watching keep us posted.
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    Details ain't mundane around here man, not with plants as healthy as those!

    Are you running rockwool cubes or hydroton? Nutes, pH, co2?

    Inquiring minds demand to know, haha! :wave:
  5. hypeshot, thanks bro I will def take some more pics and get them up asap.
    unclenugs, thanks man, I use 1" thick cocoa mat, 4x4x3 cubes in 4x8 trays. okkkkkkk here's a little tip/trick I have started doing a long time ago, I promise if u run trays like me, it will increase your root mass at least 20-30%!! Instead of running an airstone or air in your res, go buy 100' roll of 1/4" air line per tray and an industrial air pump, ill post pics of this later if u guys want, but basically just run the air line under your cocoa mat, in the grooves of the tray and you are now putting direct oxygen on your roots and they will love you for that. But remember now they will dry faster so u can water more. hope that makes sense.
    Uncle, I know i got off subject I do that a lot, lol as for my nutes, I have my own concoction consisting of the GH line micro, bloom, grow, add mad farmers N.U.T.S. and mad farmer oxygenator. During the first few weeks of flower and then again the last 2 weeks before flush I run MOAB mother of all bloom, when using this I lower my other nutes 40%. For a flavor enhancer I use sweet. then of course I run B1 thrive alive always and drip clean always. whew that was a lot to type, lol. I always keep PH between 5.8 n 6.1, always, keep it there, I have realized over the years this makes a huge difference, if u let it go to 6.5 even, u wont get proper nutrient uptake which means your wasting nutes. Happy Friday folks!!!
  6. Are you serious?! can't believe you were holdin' out on details like that. That's an awesome system with the coco mat and air pump!

    It's innovative systems like this that provide superior grows, and make GC the great place it is! Thanks for sharing, I can't wait for pics!
  7. b e a utiful.
  8. thanks guys and I will put some new pics up tomorrow afternoon, I will also take some pics of the airline/airpump setup for under the cocoa mat. and u will see the roots as well...:smoke:
  9. Man your explanation of of those air lines was perfect I totally agree there , the more the better when it comes to oxygen. Really nice set up man, I'm glad you decided to join us:D
  10. k so I have some new pics I took today of the plants, of the whole room since a few were asking for a whole room shot, and also of the air system I was talking about earlier and the roots going crazy around it. it will probly b in 2 dif posts, let's start with the air stuff... you will see a pump with 8 lines hooked up to it, that is for 4 trays, so 2 air sites per tray, one line up n back to the pump, then one with roots wrapped around a line. the pics of plants are today which is day 26 of flower and I veg for 3 weeks always. :smoke:

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  11. looks great man! love those roots! :eek:
  12. thanks uncle, the pump i use for the air lines is a 70 liter/minute, when the water fills, the trays start bubbling above the cocoa mat:D basically if your trying to do this setup, and u aren't seeing bubbles, get a bigger pump, cause its kinda defeating the purpose is what i have learned over the years... hope this helps. :smoking:
  13. You got a sweet looking garden dude. pulling up the lazyboy.They should make memory foam chairs, a stoner invention:laughing: I use a 5" air disc under each plant(DWC) and they definately thank me with giant root balls.
  14. thanks rooster, I'm gonna post some pics today so check those out and also I will put one up of an air setup u might want to consider, I used to run it in buckets. :smoke:
  15. Let me hear it. There's always room for a retrofit between grows;)
  16. ok so here is the updated pics guys hope u enjoy! this is from day 32 of flower

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  17. sorry rooster ill put that pic for u with the air suggestion I got for ya up tomorrow along with few more pics let me know what u gys think!!!:smoking:
  18. Impressive Bro. Can we get a shot of the entire room? +rep
  19. I'm with DWC I wanna see a profile shot , so i can see underneath the scrog , and then a shot of Exhaust work. I really Like this thread.
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    dwc n hypeshot, thanks for the compliments guys I'm glad u like, the room is big so its really really hard to get a full room shot with my camera, but here's one of kinda the whole thing. It's 8 lights, two rows of 4, on top of (4)4x8's and I will get a few pics of the exhaust up this weekend for u. I will also get a few of under the canopy like you asked and if there's anything else you want to know, just ask!!:smoking:by the way these pics are from a week or two ago just fyi

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