My 6 week t-break

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  1. Basically, i fucked up real hard in life. 3 times in a psyche-ward, hallucinating, hearing all sorts of voices and having racing thoughts. Now im in my recovery stage, the doctors diagnosed me with bi-polarness and my psychiatrist told me it was a drug induced psychosis. Currently, i enrolled myself in a out-patient drug program thingy which is 6 weeks long, and in there im gonna get my act straight, and get my life back on track. Once those 6 long weeks are over im coming back to the precious mj . I cant possibly quit, i know weed may of attributed everything bad that happened to me, but this time i will be much more gentle to the herb. So wish me luck and keep on toking ! :hello:
  2. Wait did the herb cause this psychosis or were you messing with other shit?
  3. Yeah i'm wondering that too. Why can't you give it up yourself? Weed isn't heroin where you need to go to a program to go clean. If you go for 6 weeks and start smoking the moment you come out, whats the point? Its about self-control.

  4. Very true. I met people in treatment that were there for only weed and I was like, "why are you wasting $50k of your parent's money on a 'weed addiction'?"

    What else gave you drug-induced psychosis?
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    Dude, you most likely don't need rehab or to quit weed. My theory is that your psychiatrist blamed your condition on the weed reefer madness style instead of getting to the real root of the problem. Sure, some empirical data suggests that marijuana can lead to psychosis in those with a family history, but this has NOT been proven given that several studies have had conflicting results. Sure weed is a very mild psychoactive, but that doesn't mean you can couple it with other psychoactives (the names of which I'm not allowed to mention :rolleyes:). It has a different method of action in the brain!

    I would suggest that you quit weed for a while under your own power, and go from there.

    Where the hell is stonerlukas when you need him? His opinion would be invaluable right now. Come to think of it, I haven't seen him around GC in a while, must be settling into his new career.

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