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My 4x4 Grow Tent set up!!!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by trogdor4564, May 21, 2008.

  1. Hi everybody!

    This is my new tent set up. I just bought everything and am very excited to start using it. I just finished filling up all the grow bags with soil. Foxfarm ocean forest soil that is. So to break everything down i have, 600 watt light with 6" vents being cooled with 2 6" axial fans. the axial fans are hooked up to a fan speed control because when they hit top speed they are pretty loud so i had to tune them down a bit. i have 35 3 gallon grow bags filled with foxfarm ocean forest soil. 1 bag with coco coir because 10 bags of soil was only enough for 35 so i had some coco left from last grow i had to use. i also have one 6" fan i hooked up at the top to help blow hot air out. i have a 4" intake duct that will soon be hooked up to an a/c as soon as i have enough money for one. And to top it all off i have a co2 boost bucket for co2. You might be able to see in the pic the tubing around the side walls, that leads out to the bucket. Thats about it other than i have 39 Purple Wreck seeds from Reserva Privada i cant wait to try out. Im obviously gonna only use 36. But yup thats my new set up. It will be up and running as soon as i get a portable a/c to hook up to the intake.:wave:

  2. Looks good man. A helpful tip... I have the same tent and i put a piece of 1'' x 2'' wood across the top to make the tent alot more stiff so it doesnt bend in with the weight of the light. I strap the light to the wood.
  3. cool setup man! are you planning on flowering right from clone? those bags are pretty close together
  4. Yeah i really dont like the way that those pieces that hold the light bend. It scares me putting some wood up there is a good idea. And no im not flowering right away from clones im starting from seed. Yes i realize that the bags are pretty close together but they are regular seeds not feminized so i am expecting males. Thats why i am squeezing in as many as i can so when i get rid of males i should still have a good amount of females which will give more space. Plus im not planning on getting them too big anyways prolly just top them once and get 3 feet max.
    Thanks for the help and compliments guys
  5. 35 bags... man that place looks packed how are you gonna be able to reach into the back to water the back plants? even if you have half male thats still alot of bags in there and a 600 watt lights good for 6-8 plants at the max even if there not vegged for a long while. i like the tent i was thinking of getting a hydro hut mini which is 3x3x6.5
  6. Hey man,

    Thanks very much for posting pics of the tent. I've been thinking about getting one myself so this was really useful.

    Saying that, having seen what it looks like and knowing the price of it I think I am going to build my own. The tent does not look as secure as I imagined it to be. So...off to buy some wood soon to create the frame.

    Does anyone know any fire-retardant materials that I can use?
  7. o well thats good you will be pulling out your males to make mroe space. I have just learned that undercrowded plants always work out better than over crowded plants i.e.-care for the plants, plants shading one another, laws. ect.ect But cool Hut man! i ended up building my own out of wood and panda Film. Worked Great
  8. Too bad you are not going from clones in there. Woulda loved to see it. I am about to SOG with 60-70 bags close together like that (1/2gal size).
    Looks nice. Can't wait to see it go.
    Is the light venting sealed, or drawing air in from the tent?
  9. Thanks guys for the comments. Im hoping to get enough clones off this grow and have the next grow a SOG somewhat like this with around 36 plants. I would probably just start flowering them right away. And yes the light venting is sealed. air comes from outside of thet tent and blows right out the other side. temps still get to about 90 degrees in there so i need the a/c before i can start anything :mad:

    But yes like denialtwist said it isnt very stable. but i got my tent brand new off ebay for $165 shipping and all. A lot cheaper than hyrdo-hut and homebox. i was only dissapointed about the top part for holding the light but my guess is all the tents are that way.

    Well as soon as anything happens i will be posting more pictures and keeping the grow updated. Thanks
  10. Started Germinating 36 seeds a little over a week ago. 34 of them germinated and sprouted up. Perfect that 2 didnt make it either bc i had to take out 2 bags to make room for my swamp cooler i bought to hopefully fix my temp problem. Temps were at 90F with 30% humidity so with that low of humidity the swamp cooler should work perfect. I should be planted the seedlings into the tent today if all goes well :hello:
  11. By the way i have a question.
    My co2 Boost bucket says last up to 90 days when using it on a timer.
    That is just enough for my grow bc im expecting to veg for about a month.
    But im worried that if i start it right away that it might die for the last few weeks of flowering.
    My question is.... is co2 crucial enough with seedlings that i should start it now or are seedlings not in a whole lot of need for co2? Thanks
  12. The results are in! ha not that exciting but w.e
    Unstead of placing the swamp cooler inside the tent and trying to cool the already really hot air, i placed it on a small stool against the side of the tent and cut out a square exactly the size of the air output on the cooler and taped the tent against it so it is for the most part sealed. It is taking the cooler air from in my room and cooling that with the water which is way more efficient. BUT anyways right now my temp is at 85.8!!! Hurray it just might work. The only bad/weird thing is my humidity is still at 30% which doesnt make sense to me but w/e at least the temps are at a usable range. Tomorrow i am going to be planting the seedlings. Pics to come as soon as i plant them
  13. Pics after planting the seedlings in today.

  14. hey trogdor awesome setup, i'm looking to get one of these grow tents also, can you tell me a little more about how you have the ventilation setup?

    from the pics it looks like you have a fan blowing out air from the top and a passive intake at the bottom? does this take care of the temp well?

    im only gonna be buying the 2'8" x 2'8" x 5'3" tent and im not sure how big a fan i need, and if i need two fans or just one pulling out the hot air

  15. Thanks a lot. Yes i just have some small fan mounted at the top blowing out hot air constantly. And basically a small swamp cooler blowing air in towards the bottom.
    But if you are getting a tent i would advise getting a better ventilation set-up than I. It works ok for me right now but i wish i had more money to upgrade it. I would suggest getting a vortex fan or something along those lines for exhaust. For that size tent i would say something around 200 CFM. As for intake i would say maybe a little bit smaller fan than the exhaust but make sure its blowing in fresh air and it should be fine. The one problem i have is that my room(where the tent is) temp raises from all the hot air being exhausted into it form the tent, then that hot air basically cycles back into the tent so i have to try and keep my room cool by letting fresh air in. So if you can try and at least duct the exhaust outside or something. Good Luck
  16. seems like heat is almost always a problem with these tents. I was going to get one, but after reading about everyone's temps getting so hot, i think im going to try to build my own. Im just worried that im not going to be able tocool my light enough. good luck bro, like the set up!
  17. What if you take one end of the light's vent and hook it up to a carbon filter hanging in the room. Then the vent system will be pulling air from inside your tent through the filter, through the light, and out of the tent. Open the passive air intakes on the bottom of the tent and this should drop your temps another few degrees at least. You'll be creating a draft and the temps should stay within 10 degrees of the air temp outside the tent. This is how I run my cabinet and when I run the HPS I have a window AC unit in the room to lower the room temp to 68-70 degrees and the HPS running for an hour hit a high of 78, with the bedroom door shut.
  18. hey man im considering doin a little stealth grow in the back of my walkin closet.. something like 4ft wide 6 ft tall and 7ft deep .. ideally i would like to separate the last 2 feet off from the front and still keep all my clothes and whatnot in the closet. so im tryin to construct a tent in the back of the closet. what kinda material would you suggest id like to do this in town rather than on the internet. what sorta qualities am i looking for in the material..
    any help on this would be great thanks!
  19. I know this is an old post but I have the exact same setup and I was wondering if I could leave the passive vents open during dark cycle of flowering? will this be too much light. I don't want the problem of having to remember to close them every night I'm forgetful when it comes to stuff like this. I'm a pothead.
  20. ANY light is too much light. Your plants need literally total and complete darkness. The only light that is okay is a green light. There are a few question threads where people are constantly asking questions; I suggest you go there so you don't have to bump threads from almost a year ago.

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