My 420th post!

Discussion in 'General' started by stevieponiczz, Jul 5, 2002.

  1. Ohhh right! It's my 420th post here at the city!!
  2. A welcome excuse to light up!
  3. not for long!!!!come on! reply! you know you wanna say something!..come on!...DO IT PUSS!....COME ON! REPLY!...
  4. ahh peer pressure!!!
  5. I FUCKING HATE THAT AVATAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. which one?
  7. lol mine....everyone has gone ape shit since i put up my new avatar...but they all know that deep down they all couldn't live without "the ice cream man"

  8. Oh, NuBBiN, you're delusional!!!! Deep down we couldn't live without you, but the Ice Cream Man has warped everything.

    Well, Stevieponiczz, I wish I could have seen it at 420 but NuBBiN had to lay the peer pressure on ya so I missed it. See, the Ice Cream Man has warped NuBBiN, too!
  9. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! im slowly taking control over eveyone at grasscity! onc ethat's complete illgo on to conquer the entire world!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. i can no longer be labeled "sheltered" ever since the nipples were drewn on the ice cream man.
    but NuBBiN it makes me LAUUUGHH

    and stevieponiczz congrats on your 420th, and 421st post. HAH! peer pressure hit you worse than ya thought, didn't it? ;)

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