my 4$ bong :)

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  1. below is a pic of my 4USD bong :)
    its made of fibre and very portable & easily fits in any pocket

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  2. is that a little harsh? or just pack really realy small cones?
  3. That thing is awesome, looks like a perfect travel piece. For $4, I would have bought two. Nice find!
  4. I've always wanted a pocket bong, where did you get it from?
  5. sick bong bet that bowl packed gives a nice rip too.
  6. Nice dude, I've seen glass versions of that too.
  7. Yeah. Bowl looks like it's fibre too.

    Have fun.
  8. that awesome for 4 bucks i would have bout like 5 and sold them for 20 each to the dipshit highschool kids around here

  9. yeah i didn't bought the glass one since it can easily break.this is something i can take anywhere without worrying about it getting damaged

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