My 360 Finally Died...

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by PJV575, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. My Xbox 360 console, 1 of the first 1,000,000 sold, made on November 22nd 2005, received January 11th, 2006, RROD'ed at my vacation spot (Cell phone picture to be inserted). I decided it was not truly dead, and decided to restart the machine still plugged into the brand new Philips (1440 Joules) surge protector. I then quickly determined this to be a bad idea and immediately shut down my console, but the monitor still emitted a fair bit of squealing and squeaking before I shut that off as well.

    My 360 is dead. I have nothing to do now. What if my computer gets fucked in while it's plugged in here!? FUCK.


    Gotta smoke one or two more bowls tonight, that's fer sure.
  2. Your computer will be fine. I guess it was just your 360s time to go.
  3. Mine died a couple weeks ago. I decided to sell the system/accessories and give all of my games to my cousin. I'll spend my time doing more productive things. :poke:
  4. call 1-800-4my-xbox they'll either give another one for free or charge 100$ for the repair
  5. He's in a better place

    I'm still praying mine doesn't die
  6. My 360 ruined my copy of Bad company. Huge cylindrical scratches on the disc. I called Xbox Wed and had the shipping box by Sat. Unfortunetly Bad Company is not in the Xbox replacement disc program.
  7. RROD is easy to fix. All it takes is a few washers, some thermal grease, and about a 30 minutes.
  8. sorry to hear that, i just gave birth to mine
  9. XBox extended their warranty for RROD. Just give support a call and they will fix it for free. Problem solved.
  10. yea I was pretty bummed when my died :(

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