My $300 DIY growbox 26"x26"x4', 250w MH, 150w cfl

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    (1) 250w MH $135
    (1) 4" 160 cfm blower $80 (not pictured)
    (2) sheets 1/2" plywood $32
    (4) 2x2x96" $6
    (1) 2x6x96" $2-$3
    (4) caster wheels $12
    (1) roll 4'x10' mylar $15
    (1) pint contact cement $9
    (6) CFL bulbs, sockets, and hardware $20
    (1) 10' length of chain + eyebolts $6


    circular saw
    combination square
    measuring tape
    staple gun
    (optional: grinder for screw tips that poke through, file works just fine, sandpaper for rough cut edges)

    total: $318 +black spray paint and screws

    cabinet is 26"x26"x4' + 6-7" on the base. My cfls are fixed in the roof but the shelf is adjustable and folds down against the wall when not in use (only need it for seedlings/clones). I had originally gone with a bathroom exhaust fan but that didn't turn out too well, so I must upgrade to the 4" 160 cfm inline.

    I used 2x2 to create a light seal on my door, and spray-painted it black around the edges. Works perfectly. The intakes on the floor leak light out, so I will put some kind of skirt around the bottom or maybe just park it on some black cloth

    It's a small cabinet, but it's perfect for my needs. I will be using it for vegging only, but I wanted to light-seal it anyway. (that's my flowering box next to it) If anybody wants more details or pics I'd be happy to post them :bongin:
  2. Excellent! +rep . Think you could update on the difference in growth rates / node spacing between the HID and the CFL in a week or two ?? Really clean nice work.
  3. Thanks man :smoke:

    I'm glad you asked about the difference in growth rates, it was my main reason for putting this together. I've got a feminized Blueberry from .nl, growing in FFOF in a 10 gal pot. First pic was taken on 3/12, 28 days from sprout. She was under 400w of 5500k cfl's for 24/0 the entire month.

    Second pic was taken today, 8 days after going under the mh and being topped. 18/6 light schedule for 8 days. Bulb is 7" from top. (The color difference is from the camera, both pics have the same lighting)



    Needless to say, I was disappointed with my growth rates. I don't know how much of a difference 6400k's would've made, and my bulbs were at least a year old (24/0 the whole time) so those factors may have reduced my overall efficiency. If I had to veg with CFL's again, I wouldn't use anything less than 6400k and I'd replace my bulbs every 6 months or so.

    Cheers!! :bongin:

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  4. planted at same time? the 1 under te cfl is in the lead lol
  5. Those pics are of the same plant, layer of sand to kill my fungus gnats. :bongin:
  6. How hot does that MH get? What about the box temperature?
  7. I will post results when my 4" inline gets here. I'll be exchanging 16 cubic ft of air with a 160 cfm blower, which gives me an exchange rate of 10X per minute without restrictions. I predict a 5-7 degree difference between ambient and box temps.
  8. Well idk why you wouldnt put a T5 light on top then, it would save you at least 8 inches and if your goingi to have air flow like that there is not reason not too. That be awesome i love the set up you have here very nice!
  9. I hear ya man, thanks for the comments. I'm pretty much set on running a MH for veg, it's what I want. I'll turn my box into a wind tunnel if I have to :)

    250w for a 2x2x4 is pushing it, but it can be done :bongin:
  10. No no no, for your top part. T5 is great for veg and flowering. You could get rid of those cfls hanging down.
    Dont get me Wrong your set up is good as it is.
    but we are always trying to make out medicine better eh!

    Youtube Channel
    JUSTGROW420 - YouTube
  11. Not Sure, love this box. I will be following your grow. Are you putting cuttings up top? You probably explained above but I sort of skimmed through to see the pics. I'm interested in building another box a little bigger than the one in my sig so I can have a separate flower box. Interested in the temps as well. I'm running cfls in my box now but I'd love to do a T5 or something other than cfls. Just worry about temps and active outtake decibels. Need some stealth. Nicely done.
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    I've been thinking about your idea, and it's perfect. I'm looking at the single 2' light sticks, I could fit a few of them up there, and it would give me another 5" of vertical space. I designed this to fit (4) 5 gal buckets, but I didn't expect growth rates like this, so I'm sure I'll need the extra vert, Thanks for the great idea, that would be the perfect addition to this box. ++++

    Nice build yourself!! You've got skills :bongin:
    edit: I can fit (2) 36 cell trays on that shelf for cloning, the shelf is adjustable for the height difference. Of course, I would use 2 max, cfls for rooting clones, not 6> heating mat as well...

    Anyway, a few days ago my brand new ballast took a shit. Lucky for me it's only 2 weeks old, HTG Supply was prompt in e-mailing me a pre-paid return label for UPS, no charge. My extractor fan is scheduled to be here on the 3rd but I don't expect my ballast for another 10-14 days so that sets me back a bit. I had planned on vegging my plant for another month (hence the 10 gal pot) and taking a few rounds of clones, but I dismantled my CFL array and have no backup veg lights so I just threw her into flower. If I take clones at this point I will reduce my yield, so If I like this strain I will order seeds (got this from another grower)

    For anybody who is interested in growth rates, I take pics daily, so here she after 13 days under 250w MH, as compared to ^28 days under 400w of cfl. Pic taken on 3/25, after 6 weeks of veg, from seed.

    and again after 4 days of 400w hps, 12/12, pic taken today
    :eek: You can see why I didn't take clones, this girl is going to make me proud.

    Thanks to all who are following, asking questions, and giving me ideas. Our shared knowledge is what made it possible for me to build this, hope this info is useful to somebody :bongin:

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  13. thats a beaut:)
  14. Thanks for the comments guys, I finally finished up today. HTG Supply overnighted my light back to me so I got it yesterday, they sent me an agromax bulb for my trouble too, which I'm pretty stoked about. I'm impressed with their customer service, will buy from them again.

    So, temp report... basement is at 65f and my box is running at 72f with just the 250 running. with the 150w of cfl it's 10f above ambient, but I'll be replacing them with a t-5 anyway. 7f above ambient, that's pretty good.

    I added an active intake to my base, 50 cfm fart fan. I don't know how much it helps, might as well use it than throw it away.





    ^all electrical connections are at least 6" off the floor in case I get water in my basement, which happens every now and then. Ballasts are up on bricks.


    ^my light seal fits together so nicely I don't even need a latch to keep it closed, just something to pull it open. I used a jigsaw to cut the hole for my fan, took great care lol. I was pretty jazzed when it fit real snug, held the fan without mounting it and barely a sliver of a leak.... I did go over all the joints with caulk and another coat of black on my light seal.

    I'm pretty happy with this box, it came out just as I've been imagining it for about a year now. Thanks for checking out my build and happy growing everyone!!! :hello:

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  15. fucking hell. this is absolutely what i am aiming for. LOVE the design.

    good job mate!
  16. Looks great! You did your homework. I especially like the intake holes on the floor.
  17. Very impressive. Just out of curiosity, I know you said you have a separate box for flowering but how much do you expect to harvest?

    I'm quite interested in trying out this method once my closet grow is over.
  18. Thanks guys!! I would expect 6 ounces with my diesel strain but on average I'd expect 4-6.

    On another note, that light crapped out again so HTG gave me the next light up which is digital. Now that I can veg and flower with both boxes (flower box has digital ballast + hps and mh bulbs) I can ramp up my harvests, no more "uh oh, my flower box isn't ready yet and my veg box is out of control" lol. I will start a journal for a full grow in this box when I get it going.
  19. Upgrayedd!!! (Idiocracy reference :p "extra D for a double dose of mah pimpin")

    Light crapped out for a second time so HTG hooked me up and pimped my closet with a digital 250w ballast and big assed reflector plus agromax bulb :confused_2: I can't complain.


    ^Perfect size for my box, eh? Thank you, HTG Supply!!

    I'll be starting a full grow in this box, using (4) 3 gal fabric pots and organics, 250w MH/HPS, will link the journal here when I post it ...I want to know, how much weight can I pull with this box :D

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  20. Nice looking box. Does it have a carbon filter on the outside of the flowering box?

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