My 3 ladies, first grow couple issues :(.

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by cronickid, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. I have three bag seeds going right now that are all about 5 weeks old, And over the past week I've noticed (and heavily procrastinated, unfortunately..) they are having some issues. It started with the first set of leaves and was a brown coloring at the tip and worked its way through the leaves and killed them and is working its way up..I am a noob, keep in mind. I think maybe since they're older they need some nutes now or something? If there's anything you need to know to help me out, I will gladly answer, but for now I mostly just have pictures. Also, in the top-down view picture, something chomped on that leaf I think! I know these aren't the best pictures, I'm going to get a couple more tomorrow.
  2. 5 weeks. Are your sure?Is that since you started germinating the seed?Those plants look very small.i would start feeding.low doses to start of course.
  3. No. 5 weeks since planted but when I planted them they pretty much sprouted, the biggest one I have is about 8inches the other two are only about 4 though..but really, that's not the issue here man lol, I don't mind if they're small, they're definitely having some trouble and that's what I'm worried about.
  4. If they are that small at 5 weeks then THAT IS a problem ... man lol.

    What are they growing in? What and when are you feeding them? Lighting?? More info is needed to be able to determine what is wrong and why they look sooo small and sickly. That hole in the middle of the leaf in pic 4 tells me something is eating your plants... Do you have a scope?
  5. Not to me lol..this is my first grow and I'm not out to maximize yield, so if they are small then so be it, they were growing and being healthy until these problems arose. I got one in MGO and the other two in another organic soil Kellogg brand with some composted materials in it. No lighting because this is all outdoor, no feeding because I am just about to start. No scope.
  6. Look I need some help here..not for someone to keep coming in and saying my plants are small, I know they're small, but they're also slowly dying, and I doubt it's due to their size. Course I don't know, I could be wrong, but I have yet to get even one suggestion from anyone.. This is a very simple grow I'm doing, all outdoor, organic soil MGO+kellogg, nutes soon, and that's it. This is going to be a guerilla grow.
  7. We are not here to make fun of you.their small size is an indicator to the problem.As i said before it's most likely a nutrient problem just feed.low doses to start.
  8. Thank you
  9. Appreciated brud
  10. Are you watering with the proper ph water? Around 6 for soil is what you want. It looks like the medium is some sort of mulch which I believe can be too acidic.

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