my 3 day old sprout shows sex? (no joke!)

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  1. ok your not going to believe this but i am 100% positive that what i am looking at is the bud and a pistil (hair) sticking out. i am postitive it is but i am not sure why!!!!!

    they all had the same treatment. i used superthrive reduced by half to moisten soil prior to planting pr-germinated seeds(just cracked open) i planted them 3/4 of an inch down and coverd with plastic wrap and kept under compact florecent.
    i used jumpstart to soak and germinate the seeds with the paper towel method.

    this is the only sprout that popped up with the seed still atached to the young leaf. hence the yellow, i removed the seed case day 2

    now it shows sex. its stunted (hasnt grown leaves)

    in a picture below you cna see i compared it to the other one. and visit my grow journal to see the rest... this is crazy

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  2. man that is some messed up shit .. i (first time grower) did not know that was physically possible for something so new and small to start sexing whats your specs.?
  3. it's hard to see rlly close but wtf?
  4. If you're right, I would definitely take clones of her!
  5. gotta wait a couple more days see if those "pistils" on a leaveless plants grow
  6. i had 3 plants last years showing the same as yours, at about 5days old, they grew airy buds
  7. yeah there is no way that its not. i look real close and everything.. instead of leaves its the female parts of a lady plant (oo how naughty) :p
  8. is it possible that those are just the new leaf growths? and also maybe using the superthrive (lots of plant hormones and vitamins) mutated it or something? very interesting though.

  9. there is absolutely no chance at all that its new leaf growth it is FOR A FACT female buds. idk why..... idk how.... but its definantly not like its other 5 that are growing beside it. i will take more pictures tomarrow when it grows a bit more (if it does)

    its doing great. i put plastic wrap back over it as the others are to old to have wrap on them at this point (touching the wet plastic) soooooooo.... we shall see tomarrow!:wave:
  10. can't wait to see, i've rlly never heard of this happening before... wierd
  11. lucky you at least you know you got a keeper intead of having to wait.
  12. day 4 of sprouting and it looks ALOT different but still definantly has pistils poking out
    i took pictures with a different setting on my camera so i hope they turn out good to view.

    what you are seeing is
    1) comparing 2 identicaly germinated seeds
    2) close up of feminin sprout
    3) underside of sprout showing bulb/bud with pistil coming out of it
    4) an even better close up of the 2 leaves formed ontop of hte bud as well as some new growth sticking out of the center. the buds are under the newest growth (4 new leaves)

    now i am not so worried for it now that i do indeed see leaves. the leaves directly on top of the bud look extreamly different . you can see for yourself!

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  13. Looks like you are pretty close to harvest! ;) I'm estimating a yield of .07 grams.
  14. oh wow really?! thats awesome, how long do you think it'll take?! 3 weeks? omg no way!!! i cant wait!

    j/k haha....

    it is very interesting and exciting none the less.
  15. I once threw a bunch of bagseeds in a few holes way later than I should have not expecting anything but maybe a few to germ and die. I come back to find a 5 inch plant with a single developing bud on the top, like a lolipop. I have the pics somewhere i'll post if I find e'm.
  16. kinda just looks like deformed leaves to me. :rolleyes:

    and don't pistils come in pairs? (2 pistils per calyx)
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  18. this. deformed leaves man.

  19. lol deformed leaves my ass.... ya'll arnt lookingg at the right pictures obiously. but thats alright you can have your own opinions, i am just amazed by it. because i know exactly what it looks like. and for the record it is pairs... there are 2.

    now i dont expect them to actualy bud, technically they are under a 24 hour light cycle and if it for what ever reason was "flowering" it definantly will convert back into vegi if that is the case.

    i am curious if germinating with superthrive fed soil has anythingg to do with this.

    its definantly odd, and a mutian plant. definantly NOT deformed leaves, though i cant say that the leaves being formed out above are not deformed. i definantly can say that below the leaves are buds with pistils (hairs) sticking out.

    more pictures to come tomarrow.
  20. It's a mutant! smoke it now and report the one and only high from that strain.

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