my 2nd transplant...advice?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by brian8472, Jul 3, 2004.

  1. hi i just moved my 1 foot tall indica plant into a 3 gallon bucket from its 1 gallon bucket didnt damage roots too much i dont think. i did a good job :D but its 4 weeks old when should i flower? i only have a 150 watt hps so i cant grow it super big or nothing :p
  2. how tall is it? the more mature it is the more bud it will yield, you can flower it whenever you want. are you sure of the sex yet?
  3. i think ill try to do that as long as my mom doesnt fuck up the lights anymore lol. its smells like mad too if you sniff it up close my cats love it what does this mean that its sexually mature? or just that its weed? the lights are on for 18 hours 6:10 am to 11:30 pm but my mom has fucked then up by turining them on an hour later making the light cycle 18/8 in some cases. will this fuck up my plant? it doesnt happen too often but i need opinions and advice on it

  4. It seems to me we've got a rash of people lashing out against their mothers because they are unable to buy a timer. o_O

    If your plant is smelling as much as you say in veg, you're going to have a hell of a time in flowering. That's when the stink comes in. The fact that your cats love the smell translates to.. your cats like the smell.

    Chances are 18/8 will not fuck your plants up. Then again, to be doing that you'd be turning the lights either on or off 2 hours later every day. Sounds far too damn confusing to me. Seriously, get a cheap timer for $15 if you can. That will at least ease your poor mother's sufferring.

  5. You got a cool mom dude :) But i'd get a timer as well...
  6. and id keep the cats away, they will eat your shit

  7. There's only one way to know if each particular cat will or will not eat yer plants--letting em check it out. My cat loves to check out my growroom, half the time just cause I'm toking up a bowl and she wants to get stoned, too.

  8. Unlike my cat, who has already eaten my plant. *Twitch* But my dog really likes me smoking it. He'll come right up and lay next to me at my windowsill when I'm toking. He wants to get high too! :D

  9. haha, listen to this. usually my cat sleeps on my bed and i usually chill on my computer chair and rip my bong. whenever hes laying there i just blow a huge cloud at him. he just lifts his head with his eyes half opened and shakes his head and passes back out. he used to take it like a man but now whenever hes laying there and just hears the bubbling of the bong, he jumps down and tries to run away.

    im gonna be starting my plant soon but im sure if he gets a wiff of it, he'll run away from it instead of eatin it (hopefully)

    this part is kinda mean but funny. anyways i was over my friends smokin gravities so we put his cat in this glass cabinet and were blowin hits in there. then we open the door to let him out and watched the cat come running out with a cloud behind him.
  10. lol dude thats funny as fuck i cryed i laughed so hard when i readed that

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