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My 2nd glass pipe, brand new!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Russian Roulett, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. Just got this for 8 bucks, I'm happy with it becuase it hits like a champ, and is fucking so portable! :) Worth every penny, and I named it small fry:smoke:

    I'm so blazed outta my skull after it's been 2 hours, and i'm fucking so fucked up.
    plus it changes colour, and i'm so happy!
    2nd piece ever!
    next piece will be bong dude! Even though i'm happy with my waterfall bong.
  2. its nice but when it starts getting colored u gotta post that
  3. hahah dude my friend had that same bowl except his was already colored it was red with a swirls in the middle of it until last week he left it out and his mom found it and threw it awat def a nice small piece hits fucken nice 2:)
  4. nice little piece man...very portable ur right
  5. It's an ok pipe, but it's far too plain for my taste. Your going to have to smoke a whole lot Here's my favorite spoon I own. (My bad, I already put the pic on another thread, check out the one pic of the bowl on my grow journal, heres some other ones though.)


    Attached Files:

  6. Yeah bro's this thing kicked my fucking ass! It's a really good piece, because of it's nice hits :)

    Once it turns colourfull, i'll post it again, before and after verion:smoke:
  7. ive got one just liek that, got it for $8 bucks too, it surprisingly conserves bud well
  8. Yeah, it's really nice and convienient when you wanna chill out and smoke a bowl, and get really fucked up, or you want to sneak a toke, and get really fucked up :) Either way, somehow and someway, this piece hits really great, it's almost like I milk it, and I can always take a huge hit and clear a lot of the bowl in 2-5 hits.
  9. yours is cool, but a little plain.

    my new spoon is way tight.

    i need to post pictures of it.

    the colors are sweet man.
  10. i think its cool man, i have never owned a completely clear piece before(waiting until i get a RooR for that) good buy though
  11. It comes clear, but changes colours, and gets more detailed with every use, I don't think people get that.
  12. i had a pipe like that, it was awesome, until i fucking dropped it :/ oh well, what can ya do? it was pretty chill when i lit up... when it was actually clean

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