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My 2012 outdoor UK grow - x4 Purple maroc

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by OGgarfield, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. I didn't really do a good job of updating my grow diary this year, I've decided to share some pics of my first grow now its finished:D

    I did this big buddha auto as a practice plant before my photos became more to manage. It flowered 3 months before my photos.

    This was such an easy plant to grow, I didn't have to feed it much other than some tomato feed during flowing - it virtually grew itself.

    The purple moroccans






    at this point my camera broke so I had to miss a month or so of the grow
    I had to move them from the greenhouse as they were getting to big for the roof, they moved outside around early august.

    09 starting to flower


    Started to have trouble due to the size of the pots I used, they really needed to be in the ground rather than 25L tubs.


    late 10, some of the crop.

    I had real problems with mould towards the end, just as I wanted to harvest we had a very heavy low fog set in for about 2 weeks. I'm sure I lost at least a third to mould, sadly there was no way to protect them from the elements.
    Hope you enjoyed!
  2. looks piff!
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    Yo OG, nice pics :)

    I think we need mould resistance strains, i got my list in my big bang journal... some good hard strains! i going in 50ltr holes

    Oh and yeah right bout that fog think it was around end of august for me when it hit. Shitty mould kicked in cause of no protection.

  4. love that auto looks very nice..
    look at the size of that leaf!
  5. Thanks for the kind words everyone.

    Spike sorry to see that mould mate, I always feel a little sad when I see that colour - Bad memories of finding my top colas gone squishy over night :'( Im gonna check out that journal man, I should probably start thinking about next year...
  6. Love ya avatar pic:D:D:D

    and by all means feel free to check my journal anytime as I'm still updating and will prob make a new journal sometime in March.
  7. found a couple more pics

    can see the colour change!

  8. Pic2 has such a lovely purple tone to them as well as the name Purple Marco:p

    Btw what was the high like? flavour smell?

  9. Thanks dude! Yes I have enjoyed :) some good looking plants there man. Thanks for sharing.


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