My $20 homemade growing box

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BBLOVE, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. AK48 with 24/0 in 8days. Does my plants growing to slow?

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  2. you might wanna double check that thats AK-47 oh and pretty stretchy, i would move the light closer, or get a light that works better, i dont know what you have now. |edit|| for $20 a 300W i would say thats a halogen lamp for garage doors and motion detectors, its going to catch your house on fire before it grows you any buds, but good luck anyways, look for some CFL's the curly tube lights, cheap, and they work good, better than what you have, good luck mang
  3. can you suggest me some lamps and lanterns !?
    (with picture will be better for me)
  4. Homedepot or lowers has 65w CFL's with reflector hood for like 40 dollars made by lights of america
  5. Thanks !! I think going with HPS 400W!!
  6. and try to get the fan blowing on the plants, not just on the box...

    it'll give you strong stems, and i would recommend reading up on LST (LowStressTraining)
    its very easy and can really help you out, especially if your going to keep your grow in that box for the whole way through.
  7. how much are CFLs for plant there a certain spectrum u would want? and how far away do u have to keep them away from the plants
  8. OKAY the holegen lamp cardboard box and printer paper all add up to one thing FIRE... You should go with the cfls, they have warm and cool CFLs get a mixture of both to even out the specrtum.. I think they have 42watt lights that are 8.99 a peice... As far as the distance I use two 26watt cfls in my seed starter case for the first day or three i keep the lights about 7inchs from the lil ones than i move them down too 3-4 inches from the tops.. hope this helps...choke with ya later...
  9. Your correct, they are $9 for 42watt sprial CFLs, i was just at walmart looking today. I'm picking up 4 of them for my 6 plants to grow on for about a month, then they will go out doors.

  10. is that a holegen security light your using??? if so you need to get rid of that RIGHT AWAY!!

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