my 2 week old plant whatcha think

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  1. Under a 250 watt feliz and 2 26 watt cfls gonna be one of my mother plants the strain is smile it was a freebie when i ordered My SS AK-47 which i had to kill because it was a horrible deformed plant lol look at my last posts if you want to see it FUCK Serious SEEDS

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  2. no comments damn!
  3. Looks good man. Real healthy. Have you or are you going to top it?
  4. i have not should i do that to a mother plant?
  5. pretty big for 2 weeks old
  6. Dude, don't top her if it's going to be your mother plant. I'd LST it if I were you. When you top a plant, you're running the risk of getting a hermie or a male.
  7. Dude , save ignorant old wives tales for the humor section....:rolleyes:

    top your plant.if you are going to use it as a mother.Topping promotes more tops and in turn more clones. :hello::hello::hello:

  8. Every time you cut the plant you induce stress on it. LST training also promotes more tops and colas, which will give more clones without having to damage the plant.
  9. the stress is so minute that it will not be enough to cause hermies.
    if that was true then every time u take a large clone stock ur new plants will go hermy, and thats not the case.
    ive takes over 20+ clones from a single mother

    before clonning i water with B1, and sometimes i like to spray down with B1

    topping creates more sites to clone from, or more sites to produce colas

  10. I didn't say that it will happen, I said that he'll be running a risk ( no matter how small it is). I prefer LST to topping.
  11. u can cute a plant in half and as long as u give it time to recover it wont go hermy.
  12. Its really two weeks from the day it came above the soil. Any good guides on topping
  13. cute at the 6th node or higher it really depends on how tall u want it, whether if its lanky or stout etc , or instead of cutting the top off u can bend it back, or just cut the terminal bud and this will stunt the top growth for a few days causing the lower branches to grow out, if u cut the terminal bud the leaves will eventually grow out and look like they have been eaten, this is normal

  14. True but topping isn't going to magically turn a female male........So enough with that shit.....
  15. Exactly...Bogus info needs to be challenged, and will be..........

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