My 2 Ladies Starting To Flower

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  1. so i've been pampering 4 bagseed plants and 2 turned out male. I have topped them only once and had to tie them down a certain way due to lack of space. they now have 4 main cola sites on each side.. here's pics of a female and the other is still a mystery, but is pretty small so I'm hoping female..  :confused:  
    and heres the very small flower starting to form on my female: 
    ready to grow this bud and have my own medicine that I grew MYSELF. this is my first female so i'm pretty stoked.  :ey:  :bongin:

  2. stretched and thin, you need way more light
    you'll get a couple grams off it tho, if that's all you're looking for then keep doing what you're doing
  3. these were taken with half the lights off, and I know they are stretchy... I didn't keep the lights as close as I should have in the beginning... I have 200 watts all together in there, which isnt much but I read somewhere that for beginners you'll get about .5 per watt. sooo thats 100 grams.... you really think I'll only get a couple? 
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    that's for anyone to answer btw.
  5. plus I have like 20+ node sites.... I'm confused...
  6. Dog cage, very smart..

    How much did that setup cost you? The lights, etc. I once had a grow, didn't turn out successful, had to ditch it.
  7. not a penny, my dog doesnt use the crate anymore cause shes always with me and I had the lights and fans.. all CFLs.. but the soil and ferts all together was around $100. but seriously, can I bank on 0.5 grams a watt? or is that not a good concept to go by? I think another reason why the stems are so thin is because I have a post supporting them... damn that was dumb.. 
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    OK so after looking around, .5 gram-per-watt isn't the best... but still if I only get a couple g's off this plant then that's insane because it is crazy healthy, they're like 1-2 feet tall, has a jillion node sites, stinks pretty good, and my lights are a decent 100 watts per plant... If anything I just hope I dont get less than 1/2 ounce........ that's when I throw this whole grow out the damn window..  :mad:
  9. this guy used like 3 cfl bulbs the whole time and look at his harvest! under 200 watts... I have more than this guy! 
    I think yall are crazy.

  10. That plant sure doesn't look like it's getting 200w
  11. jeeze like this just my 2nd attempt, no words of encouragement or nuthin.. all negative. 
  12. maybe they're just too far away, with CFL's they don't do much good once you go past 3-4" away
  13. sorry, I thought you wanted help, not ego stroking
    ooh, aah, beautiful plants.  better?
  14. cool dickhead.
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    i vegg with cfls and flower with HPS (used to flower with cfls too), the difference is SO big, because the cfls has too be at all time like 3-4 inch's away from the bud site and it still almost not enough light, with HPS you can put it 24 inch's away and you will have much more buds and buds sites. (much much much more).
    Anyway what i am trying to say is your lights are TOO far away, that why they strech, and 1 more thing, 100watt per plant is really low, you need MINIMUM 200watt CFL per plant if you want to yield any thing!

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