My 2 best friends..

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  1. So my two best friends are about to join the marines.. Idk what to think I don't want them to leave.. I can't see it tho we all smoke together all the time!
  2. You should be happy for them, they're serving their country. It'll suck to see em go, best be sure to throw them a sick going away party!
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    I was suppose to go into the Marines right out of high school, didn't get excepted because of a bullshit shoulder injury I had my freshman year playing Lacrosse. I mean this in the nicest way possible.. Your gonna have to get over it, go out make some new friends. Don't worry once they serve their time they'll come back and smoke with you some more ^.^
    My mom was crying when she found out I wanted to join the Marines, when she found out they wouldn't accept me she was one of the happiest people I've seen in this world.

    EDIT: I literally just posted about me not being accepted into the marines 15 minutes ago.
  4. Hey. You should be happy for them. Its their choice in life, and they're doing something productive....war isn't productive, but the grants, education, and experience they get from the Marines will be productive for them.

    When I was younger my plan was always to go into the Marines. I fucked up my knee bad when I was around 17. Took me a few years to rehab, and by the time my knee was fine I had become a different person, was in a different place in life, I no longer wanted to join the military.
    I still always wonder though if I should have signed up or not. Sometimes I regret not joining, other times considering the fact the US it at war in two countries, I consider myself lucky.
  5. You could join them.

  6. This is always another option..
  7. marine life is stupid....

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