My 1st Plant.

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    -Bag seed (deathstar I think
    -outside (prairie summer)
    -pot is way to big
    -very hard water
    -1/3 cow fert
    -2/3 terra potting soil from bc
    -she/he smells

    Using bio grow/bloom.

    Starting using the biogrow last week, but stopped when noticed nut burn I think?

    Anyways any advice, thoughts, trolls all appreciate.

    Started in same pot, sprouted July 20th.

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  3. Anyone have any advice on watering an overpotted plant?
  4. so a few things here. You seem to have cut your soil with some you probably don't need to give it any nutes for a while. I usually use some high quality soil and don't start adding anything until its about 4 weeks old. After i've already topped it and started LST. Then I just put a little bit in, like 5ml a gallon unless it looks like it needs more. For flowering I just add Biothrive bloom and some cal-mag.
    As far as watering, you should make sure all the soil is moist or damp in the pot. And then just wait for it to dry out. The plant will start growing its roots out farther and farther looking for moisture. You will have a few days or even a week where it doesn't seem like there is any growth at all, but in actuality the root system is growing into the pot, so if its in a big pot it will be a few days before you see any real growth.

    hope that helped a little bit.
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  5. When would you recommend topping it?

    Just to clarify drying out, like bone dry or just the surface like an 1' deep?

    I try and let it dry out on top completely for a day and then I've been watering her. (hopefully). But usually 2-3 days inbetween watering.

    Thanks for the advice
  6. Flushed a few days ago after some nute burn (I think.

    Appears to be looking better.

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