My 1st growing experiment , need advice

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    Well , this is my 1st time growing cannabis.
    I took the seed from some weed I bought from my dealer (hes a good guy and pretty reliable person).
    I store the tiny plants since their germination for 2 months inside a closet with cheap led lights. They receive this light 24hrs a day.
    When they hit the flowering stage, I take them out and receive light only during the day (natural light).
    Ive been using <span><span>toppin, fimin, croppin, and lollipopping. Only banana tea has been used on these plants.</span></span> I also experimented using the branches for clonning the plant, with apparently good results.
    Here are some pics, can  you tell me how this looks?

  2. Actually they look pretty good!  Mid flower, starting to swell up a bit, probably 3-4 weeks or so.
    Nice job, well done.
  4. Looks great! now do it again with nutes and better lights in the closet to veg and you'll have some bomb
  5. Very nice for your first run! Lots a newbs can't even bring those ladies to flower before killing 'em.

    Keep improving, keep smoking, stay high my friend.
  6. Yes definately nice they are . I have this 600 watt system my first hydro set up & have grown before but i am having terrible luck getting my seeds going that came from a bank . I have tried seed germ kit with jiffy plugs , soaking , clear plastic & still no good . Please anyone help me & tell me the distance from the MH bulb or what i need to do to get them going . I have never had such a hard time with seeds until i tried this system but i want to do it indoors . I am in a bad spot & need some serious help please ! Tell me exactly what i need to do to have success with this germination of the seeds please ! Thank you
  7. By the way, I messed up, theyre not LED lights, theyre just cheap fluorescent Phillips lights.
    I´ll upload some more pics of the tiny plants later.
  8. Well i think the flourcents are better than LED's myself . I would try some Metal Halides & High Pressure Sodium myself , The lights your using is very good for the flowering of them . My self i prefer the hydrolux bulb which are the best bulb & provide the correct light compared to all the others . Anyway nice work & keep it up & yes use the nutrients like nitrogen for starting & potassium & phosporus , Sulfate & so on for nice buds ! Very nice for starters though & you will produce some killer stuff in no time .
  9. Puuuurdy, for a first shot.

    Study, and invest in proper equipment/methods, you'll be slamming some killer stuff out.

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