My 1St Grow: Royal Dwarf

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    1st week of grow in a 93 cm high grow box.

    What I'll be using:

    Veg - 3 x 6500K 23 watt + 1 x 2700K 23 watt CFL
    Flower - 3 x 2700K 23 watt + 1 x 6500K 23 watt CFL

    BioBizz Allmix Soil
    Veg Nute: Plagron Alga Grow
    Flower Nute: Bioquant 10-30-20 NPK
    Post-Flower Nute: Bioquant 32-40 PK

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    PS: i build my box from a IKEA package. All equipment together with the box cost me less then 100 euro.
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    Hey folks, i have a question. If i'd like to have two "main stems", what stress technique should i be using?
  4. topping, wait until the third or fourth set of leaves though
  5. Thanks doormouse! One more thing, i haven't seen any growth since i moved her from one pot to the other. What could be wrong? It has been three days now. I'm giving het 18/6 photoperiod, that should suffice for an autoflower right?
  6. 18/6 isn't good enough for an auto flower you want 24/0

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    @ jesser.. really that much??. can i still change the photoperiod without harming the plant. And is 24/0 for both veg/flowet stage?

    And i added this grit already while my baby girl is getting some real sunshine outside:)

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  8. 18/6 is the best. youre cheating with the real sunlight!
  9. Ok so for lights:
    Do not go 24/0, it is a waste of money and your plant won't like it all that much. Most of the credible and experienced auto growers i have encountered in forums recommend 18/6. You can do it but your plant will get stretched and even though an auto i think every plants needs a little bit of darkness to be as healthy as possible and feel as natural as it can. I grew a royal dwarf too, although my space was extremely limited, and 18/6 worked pretty fine :)
    For the topping:
    If you feel like experimenting go for it, but if you are looking to finish this grow i would suggest not doing it. Autoflowering plants do not have a vegetative state, or rather they have one but you can not controll it and it is pretty small. When you top a plant chances are you are going to cause stress to it and it will require some days to come back from the shock. If you are lucky you can get away with it but keep in mind that if it is stressed more than you expect you will end up losing a lot of crucial height gained in veg. Lastly remember that your plant will enter the flowering stage without any notice, so if you top anyway it means:
    1. You want to top as early as you can to give the plant time to recover before the flowering and
    2. Be really sure that it is not into flowering when you top or you might end up losing everything :(. My dwarf entered flowering at 6th node if i remember correctly and got a LOT of height in a couple of days. If you see such a behaviour do not top.
    I hope i helped but i only have one grow's worth of experience. What i did is get all the advise i could and then kept what i thought was the most accurate.
    Also look into LST if you decide not to top you may not get two main colas but your otherwise ugly and undergrown popcorn buds from lower sites will produce more and better buds :p
    Good luck and i hope you end up with the buds you desire.
  10. @ bamman
    Yeah i know it's indoor, but i thought the sun finally shining so take advantage of it. I'm guessing it won't hurt her right?

    @the creatorst
    Thanks for all the info man. Some useful info! Appreciated. I'll keep it @ 18/6 and see what happens.
  11. sounds good, and nah, the real sun is the best there is.
  12. Hey people, i got the feeling she stopped growing for some reason.. but the leaves are healthy and green. Is there any reason why the growth is slow?
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    its in your mind. make sure youre letting the soil dry out before watering. this cycle is good and natural.
  14. Yeah, you are probably right. I did another tiny mod. I hung the lights horizontally. It appears that the bulbs emit most light from the sides. Don't want that now do we.

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  15. It's a very nice setup you have there cemmetje! very neat i like it. I'll will be following, keep up the good work! ;) 
  16. @ sasquatchs bro: thanks man. I did one more tweak. I added a diy carbonfilter. Only the panty ripped when i put it thru the box. Not as neat.

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    My girl growing...

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    great job so far.
  19. Nice to see everything is going well with her :)
    Also do not forget to add info abou tthe plant when you update like how old is she and stuff. It is ieasier for someone to notice if something is wrong with her and tell you that way :)
    Nice job nevertheless keep it up
  20. nice :3 will make a box like that in a future but can't wait till the Dwarf gets buds :)
    check my pc grow #2 :)

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