My 1st grow (pc case)

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  1. Sup everyone,

    Here is my 1st grow [​IMG] I decided to use my old pc case because I dont have any other place to grow.

    I am new to all this so this is more of experiment to see how things work, Im hoping you guys will point me in the right direction.

    I will be posting pics every Monday...... anyway plants are about 10 days old. Plant on the left is Little Devil and plant on the right is a White Dwarf, hopefully they are both females as i bought fem seeds.

    As you can see the Little Devil has burnt tips on the leaves.... So I have moved the plant lower.

    I am using 2 x 30w 2700k cfl's, I water them every 2 days and thinking about giving them some nutes in their 3rd week.

    Here are the pictures any suggestions or pointers will be much appreciated.

    Take Care

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  2. :wave: Hi, welcome to The City. :)

    Everything looks good so far maan, sounds like you know what you're doing. You may want more watts to take two plants to harvest though. :)

    Ask if you have any questions, people here are always happy to help. Best of luck with the grow. :cool:
  3. Hey thanks for the reply :) I am saving money for a better grow setup! thinking of 400W HPS
  4. That's what I use. :) Good choice. ;)
  5. how many plants could u grow all the way thru flowering with a 400watt hps

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