My 1st Grow, need a little help

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by LifeIzGood, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. ok here is the problem. i got 8 plants and their 3 weeks old as of now. 2 im just starting and they are about 4 days potted in soil.I had 1 65watt fluorecent for the 1st 2 weeks and 3 days then i got a 400watt mh and started using that. the fluorescent was hanging sideways not directly down over the plants which is 1 problem i had plus the height of the light wasnt as low as it shouldve been so my plants are stretching. I tried to post pics but the limit in size is 197 kb ans i cant change the file size any lower than 600 kb. When i got the mh i moved them in a location that gets about 95 - 105 degrees. with only intake fan, waiting on exhaust fan plus im planning on getting two fans wall mounted to attach and blow on plants constantly to make stronger stem growth which is a prob as of late. With the fluoescent i had them in a closet that got about 85 deg. i just started feeding them as i am backoredered on my ferts. so im using someones hydro fert for now mixed with water. i try and water every 3 days. with the new change in light and heat i have been misting them with water every now and then b/c i noticed they were very dry at first change to the mh. The whole thing is i need to strengthen them up b.c at 3 wks they are looking very weak. i also should be gettin some superthrive in which should help as well. i would just like some feedback on problem areas anyone sees that i am missing, b/c progress is stunted b/c of so many factors. my new grow space is 5' high by 2'6" in length and width.
  2. mh is great for veg, You got to get that temp down thou. And when you fan the plants dont make it to hard on them. keep ur mh about 15 to 20 inches from the tops thats all u need for veg. Ive always used shop lights for veg was always in good shape with those. Good Luck

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