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Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by hoko, Mar 26, 2003.

  1. K hi all well not very good at growing yet although this is 2nd grow still got much to learn

    MARCH 21, 2003
    well today i germinated 8 seeds after a putting them in a cup of water and letting them sink and doign the moist paper towl thing i went down to my basement and put them under the lights :).. i did two to a party cup w/ holes in the bottem of it for drainage and its filled with potting soil with vermaculite or what ever u all say( the lil white things).

    MARCH 24, 2003
    well i took some seeds and germinated them and went down to my plot and planted them.... I watered them a bit then it rained so i didnt have to go back

    MARCH 25, 2003
    a little bit of frost was on the top of the ground this morning hope they arent gonna flip out and well its in the 60's now. all the frost is gone and the soil is nice and moist but it dried out today and i went down and watered them the total seeds that i planted were 10.....
    (Basement in setup) the ones down there i constantly keep the soil moist and nothing yet hopefully shortly though one of them has a pretty long tap root & i dug down a bit just to find the top of it should i re bury her or will she grow out then shed the shell cause the shell looks like its pretty well cracked and i kinda want it to open up now and get some light ( what ya think re bury it or leave it out? )

    I dont have a camera and prolly wont buy one for this journal ill just keep it updated and give as great of descriptions as i possibly can.

    Oh yeah the out door site if ya didnt look in outdoor its in a valley pretty good distance up a few hills from me andits at the bottom and there are hundreds if not thousands of little trees bunched around each other there. Grow room is just 2 floro 40 watt 48 inch long lights hanging like 2 inches above some party cups with germinated seeds that need to come up! i read in njc journal and he got a seed to germ and pop up in a day total that is agrivating. answer the question up there for me if ya all would id appriciate it the one ( ( what ya think re bury it or leave it out? )

    & cya hoko (thanks for the help)
  2. MARCH 27, 2003
    Today went to basement and the one seeds that was out cracked and has 2 lil round leaves and the split and it has 2 very very tiny ones that are the real leaves and i put her out side with all the others so no more growing in da house. The other seeds still havent come up yet but lets hope this lil one is a GIRL. The temp is roughly most of the day is 50-60 degrees and at night i havent checked hopeing it aint too cool though no snow or frost some rain though lets hope they come out soon....(this is about all i can think off) getting to the little ones i take my dog and act like im walking him past all the homes then just run to the spot and water and get out quickly
  3. ya need to get some pics :)

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