my 1st grow how does she look?

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  1. this is my first grow and i was just wondering how she looks and any advice with things around the house that u could use to move the ph up or down... have ppl grown with incondecent lights before ,i mean can it be done... i have 2 200 watt clear bulbs that give off 3665 lumens each i have a fan to pull out the heat and a flouro on the side....what u guys think?

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  2. From what I can make out in those pics, plant looks good.

    As far as moving pH up and down, stay away from household products and use the proper chemicals... they are fairly cheap and can be ordered online.

    However, this assumes you're running dro... if using soil, then you have lime...
  3. The plants don't look too stretched and seem to be nice and green. You may want to put them in bigger containers then the plastic cups to allow their roots space to grow.
  4. Incandescents CAN be done but you will need a fuckload of them and they use high wattage. I would switch them out, CFLs are about the same price and they'll fit into the sockets anyway. Flowering you are going to need more light than those two bulbs can put out. In comparison my 2700k 26w CFL gives out ~2700 lumens.

    Happy growing =)
  5. No you cannot grow with incandescent bulbs

    Get fluorescent lights brother and keep it going.
  6. all the pics are of 1 plant i should have been more clear the pot is a 3 gallon pot i think and shes about 24 inches tall... ..also i was wondering how long usually does it take for a plant to get flowers on it?after like 2 weeks?or does it just depend on the plant? thanks for the a new grower and have spent months researching on this....and i have the flouro on the side to try to give it some light in the spectrum....i also have some schultz transplanting solution starter plus....5-10-5 can i use this for the bloom solution???total nitrogen5.0%(ammonical nitrogen1.6%,nitrate nitrogen1.6%,urea nitrogen1.7%)available phosphate10%,soluble potash5%,iron0.10%,chelated iron 0.10%......if yes it says mix 2 cap fulls(1 pint) to 1 gallon of water what should i mix it???? 5-10-5:confused::confused::confused: advice needed please...thanks for the feedback its highly appreciated....and also how do u give ppl + rep?
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    You might have gotten it to veg OK with some incandescents, but if you want to harvest any kind of real bud, you're gonna need some more serious light to flower.

    $90 gets you one serious light that could easily flower 2 plants

    That light is just a bit more than you need, but you're not gonna find a better one for less. If you do let me know.

    At the very very very least get one of these $28 + ship

    Just because it is technically possible to grow weed with incandescents, doesn't mean you should. Like you could give a monkey a gun, but should you? probably not.

    There's better ways of doing it right. And like I've heard so many times before, if you're gonna do something illegal, do it right.

    p.s. Your plant does look beautiful from what I can see, just please don't waste it!

    EDIT: I just noticed it doesn't look like it has much headroom. I hope you're aware that the plant will typically double to triple in size once put in flowering.
  8. thanks for the info on the light..highly appreciated...yea i realized the room issue im going to take out as many shelves as she grows...i got bout 8 feet to work with...i was wondering also wat device i should use to get the smell away she smells perty a homade going to run to the store next friday any get better lights and pick up the smell reducer fan thing..please list all the parts to put a good 1 together.. if i knew how to do the rep id deff give u guys 1 thanks.....
  9. Buy the following:
    CFLs! Super Walmart carries: for veg: 26W 6500K(blue) 1600 lumens per bulb; for flowering: 26W-42W 2500K(red) 1750-2700 lumens per bulb.
    Light Timer (automatically turn lights on/off) for veg you should have them on 18-24 hours and off 6-0 hours. for flowering, on 12 hours off 12 hours.
    how long have you been vegging for?
    If its a box you have it in buy:
    Carbon Air Filter
    In-line duct fan
    Duct tubing(same size as fan and carbon air filter)
    You'll need to cut a hole (depending on what size fan you get) in the top of your box then seal the duct fan in the hole with caulk or mighty putty
    Then connect the tube from the fan to the filter.
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    Oh yeah, for that Schultz stuff... I'm not sure if you should use it... unless it says organic.... but if you do use it, use only half of what it says to use.
    Let me know how it turns out if you decide to use it.
  11. I use only rain water to water my plant. Never had a ph problem with rain water. Add food and haul ass. I have a cooler I set out each time it rains catches run off from the roof. I keep several gallon jugs full.
  12. lumenious output of incandesant is 2%, cfls are 11 - 14%, hps is somwhere like 26% and mh is about 20%, your wasting so much electric on 2% lumen output, get cfls for sure dude, theyre cooler aswell.
  13. yea thanks for the advice im going to the store im going to pick up some new blooming solution,and some sort of air clenser . also im going to pick up some cfl lights at walmart.. 26 watt ones.. in a 6 pack.. does walmart sell any growing solutions .. if so what shoud i buy im at the end of my first week with the 12/12 light change.... cant have any smell im living in my gurls parents house and their totally against it... but as every day goes by the plant is growing at about an inch to 2 a day shes filling out very nicely..... i really havent paid attension to the ph readings.. but im gonna buy 1 does walmart sell them if not then im going to ace...otherwise i have just used fish tank ph strips the 5 in 1 and i have some sort of idea what its at.. but im not gona take any chances so im gona improve my setup.. my plants just like a kid to me and i deff dont want her to die.. but anyways alittle more advice and i think i will be doing real good.. thanks for the advice and i will continue to up date my pics so u guys can see how my baby is doin.. happy growing....:hello:
  14. You might not want to buy all that stuff in one trip. Air cleanser, nutrients and cfls would cetainly tip me off if I was checking you out!:eek:

  15. yea i forgot to think about that thanks for the remind.... yea shes in the 3rd week of 12/12 i think i see some flowers formng not forsure i have 1 pick of the top which is the first pic so let me know...what u guys think???

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  16. If it's female you will see little pistils. look like couple of hairs comming out of growth nodes. hard o tell by the pics. look close to the top they get more light and mature faster. Once you get more light to them durring flowering they will most likely double in size. The bigger they get the more light they need.
  17. no i think that the very top does have a flower in does that mean it wont grow any higher...and just fill out???or wat???now if u get light burn do u cut that piece off the leaf?cuz she grew lik an inch an a half while i was sleeping and the leaf came real close to the lamp....and burnt a piece....
  18. Oh man. you have mad questions. go buy a grow bible from borders. Recommended: Marijuana Horticulture The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible. By Jorge Cervantes.
    If borders doesnt have it, buy the Jason King books while your there for some inspiration.
  19. Those plants are in desperate need of a transplant. Put them in 3 gallon containers with some good soil and you're fine.
  20. i havent posted anything in a week or so....i went and picked up 5 26 watt cfls, ph tester and some blooming solution and some miricle grow plant food.. she seems to like my that i have flowers and bud forming can i still mist down my plant??? but anyways heres some new pics.....another question i had was.. how does the bud form as in the new leaves forming in the flower turn into it when dried.. sorry for the stupid ?:hello:

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