My 1st grow :D

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    Saturday Nov 26th: planted germinated seeds and put under light 18/6.
    Wensday Nov 30th: 3 seeds popped through :D im so EXCITED!!!
    Saturday Dec 3rd: the 1st sprout has grown to about 2 1/2 in tall and has about 2inch leaves on her, the second and 3rd sprout are only about 1 1/2 inches tall and have very small leaves on them, but there getting there!
    I've always wanted to start my own grow, so i started reading as much as i could and decided to give it a go :D:D

    Got my seeds: (4x Lemon Haze & 3x g13 haze) :bongin: (DEC30th: 2 G13 + 1 Lemon sprouted so far)
    Got my light setup: (6 28W 6500k CFL & 2 30W 2700k CFL + 1 100W fluorescent tube ((for supplemental lighting)) ), ++328W IN ALL++
    I germinated in water until i saw taproots and then planted. Soil is an organic soil i found at a gardening store (no MG for me :p) mixed with perlite 70/30 using filtered water.
    I have no nutes yet i was thinking of FFGB and FFTB but im open to suggestions!

    I have a desk fan mounted in the top of the closet and a piece of the blackout plastic folded back, it isnt very big and it seems to have good air flow. I'm also giving them 18/6 at the moment.
    pics: (warning shitty camera photos coming): updated Regularly with growth photos.

    [​IMG] <NOV 26th
    [​IMG] <NOV 30th
    [​IMG] <DEC 3RD
    List of things still need required: NUTES & possibly a light timer.

    Stay high my friends ;) :bongin:

  2. get your cups closer...they need to be about an inch away from the light. you can use 6500k all through veg if you want, but more light always helps. in fact, i'm vegging with all 2700k right now, and my babies look great! light timers are life savers...i have two different grows going on right now in two different places, both indoors, but only one has a timer, and i wish my other one did...they have cheap ones at walmart for about $8...
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    Thank you very much ill lower the lights and yea ill probly pick one of the timers up at wallyworld :D

    edit: iv moved the lights down about an inch away from the cups but now i have 3 ladys who are not right under the cfl's im thinking i might buy some brackets and put a shelf above the longbar light and mount some cfls on the under side above the other 3 girls. what do you think?

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    Just got back from the store picked up a couple more cfl's got some brackets aswell to put a shelf above going to attach 3 more 28W cfl's under the shelf(above the girls) probably going to take the tube off the back wall and attach to the underside of the shelf aswell.

    gunna take a trip to the hydro store tomorrow any advice on nutes? im running organic soil.
    was thinking tigerbloom and growbig foxfarm. any advice?

    also need some advice on air filters or whatnot for the smell for later, i know they wont start to smell for awhile but i know they will smell eventually and iv got neighbors above and below me :p
  5. original post was at 4:20, someone probably said this already, I dont read
  6. nice start!
    Whats your growing medium?
  7. an organic soil i got at my local gardening shop mixed with perlite 70/30 when they pop through ill add about a 1/2 inch of perlite on top as a caution for gnats :eek:

    when i get another paycheck im thinking some mylar lining and the other things i need, going for nutes tomorrow (still need advice/suggestions on nutes :D)
  8. i could be wrong but it seems like only 2 of your 4 cups are getting the right amount of light the other 2 cups dont look like they getting much light
  9. save your money for another month cuz its way too eary for any nutes.
    straight water for now baby

  10. yes they weren't getting enough light i fixed my setup and added more lights now each cup has a cfl above it and the 100W tube is above all the cups for supplemental lighting :)
  11. yea, man. nice jobbage so far. i recommend getting a "go box" from your local hydroponics or indoor gardening store or via online.

    this starter kit is 100% organic, cheap and has everything you need "nute"-wise to see your girls grow! it's about $35 bucks or so. It's what I'm using for my current grow (my first). it seems to be the only REAL option for someone growing on a budget who wants to keep it simple, organic. my favorite part is that the "box" includes EVERYTHING.

    if you get it i recommend going to the dollar store baby or health section and picking up a pipette for easier measuring.

    cheers! I know your plants are going to fucking rock!!!
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    Thanks man! and ye i will def check that go box out sounds good

    Update: raised the lights about another inch away from the cups, exposed perlite was turning orange. which i think is light burn, but also could be high iron in my water. I'm using filtered water so i don't think its iron oxide. Time will tell ;) should have some pops in a few days hopefully :):)
  13. got 3 pops last night :) heres a pic, ill post more pics when they get a lil bigger. my camera is shit :(

  14. nice!

    just so you know...i've had kind of crappy luck sprouting seeds this way. now that i'm using expensive seeds, i use a damp paper towel in a zip loc in my medicine cabinet for a few days to ensure sprouting.

  15. Ye i made sure to germinate my seeds :D thanks for the advice tho! How are your girls doing?
  16. good, i just transplanted a few minutes ago.

    I dunno, it's kind of tricky: i've got one flowering reg, one vegging reg and one flowering auto, so right now i'm kind of catering to the one that's the furthest along.

    check out my thread. it's called new grower essential questions need answers.
  17. The girls are growing nicely ;)


    im thinking about waiting about another 4-5days before transplanting what do you guys think?
  18. I'm actually thinking about starting too grow, I'd have too build a grow room or something too grow in, and what would you suggest for first ever grow?

    I was also thinking about a bubble bucket but I'm not too sure, they look quite easy too make and everything but then I also don't know about what nutes I'd need, how many lights, etc.

    But anyways, very nice grow so far congrats
  19. i'd wait about that time or longer, yes.

  20. growing is easier then it looks, yet at the same time can be a massive pain in the ass. I have no clue what a bubble bucket is l0l, there are nute guides all over GC, for ur first grow id just do it like i did (closet grow) i think on the whole grow i spent about 175$ not including nutes.

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