My 1st grow box .. Advice needed.

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  1. I just finished putting it together. Now I have to figure out what I'm doing for ventilation and lighting. I have my vegging lights and flower lights already (CFL''s for the 1st time) But I need to figure out where to put them and what to do with ventilation.

    The box is about 3 1/2 ft tall and 2 1/2 ft wide, & the lid opens all the way up.

    The window only has a screen (no glass, figured it would help with the venting process)


    If you had this to work with, what would you do?


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  2. First I would paint the inside white. You want as much reflection of light onto your plants as possible.

    Next, Cover the window so you dont have any light loss, and also so you dont have any light leaks in once you begin 12/12. If light leaks in during 12/12 flowering will take forever

    Hang the lights from that top trap door on something that you can move up and down. You want your lights a few inches from your plants and not much more, so as they grow you can raise them up.

    Looks nice though, and looks like a good safe corner of the basement. Happy growing =)

  3. Would windshield reflectors work if I put them on the walls?

    And with covering the window I was planning on throwing some sort of sheet/cloth over the box. There are no windows in the basement so I'm not too worried about light getting in. I'm going to veg 24/0 instead of 18/6. I also have 4 or 5 pieces of wood that fit into where the window was and with those in it's completely dark.

    With lighting idk what I'll do yet :confused_2: .. I'll have to check out some more set ups and try to figure something out.

  4. Best bet would be to cover that window with some sort of reflective covering. It's not about light getting in from the outside but light escaping from the inside of your box. Your plants are going to need as much light as possible. If you have a Lowe's or Home Depot near you, I would suggest purchasing a material called Reflectix and covering the inside of your box with it.

  5. So cover all the walls with Reflectix? Will do. I figured I would only have room for 1 plant. Would 2 fit? I think it'd be a tight squeeze.

    Also I have Sour Diesel and New York Diesel seeds. What would you prefer for a 1st grow out of the 2? From what I've read indoor Sativa takes longer and is more complicated than Indica.
  6. You got a good ammount of room. Lucky you.. Well, I find it more cost effective to go and get some spray on primer. Flat white reflects very well and won't create heat spots.

    For fans I think you will be fine with a few computer fans hooked up to a phone charger.. Also make sure you get both 6300 and 2700k cfls if you're going down that route and I think you will be fine with 100 watts worth.

    Are you worried about smell? How about noise?

  7. Yes I've read a lot about Flat white primer. I'll most likely go with that being it'll be cheaper. I already have a couple computer fans, but I just took them out of a spare tower. So I can't plug them into a phone charger. I'm guessing home depot probably has what I'm looking for?

    I have both 2700k and 6300k already. I read that putting a 2700k with 6300k during flowering doesn't hurt. Is that true?

    With smell and noise I'm not worried at all. I live with my girlfriend and her sister. They both have given me the okay. When I have friends over, we are always upstairs listening to music and smoking, buut keeping the smell to a minimum wouldn't hurt. I just don't want to walk in the front door and smell pure dank.

  8. Lol

    Mixed spectrum lighting is perfectly fine from what Ive heard.

    And why cant you plug into phone charger?

    Okay, looks like you're going to get a very nice sized plant with that box..

    Read up on LST and Scrog to maximize yeild even more.

    Although im fairly new ive done a lot of reading.. I learn quickest when teaching and if i dont know the answer i will point you in right direction..

    Have you thought about how youre going to grow? Soil? or DWC??

    Id say stick with soil for now because its more comfortable.. You would need some good soil like Fox Farm (very good reveiws) and you dont have to go crazy with nutes. I would suggest not using nutes the first time but get a decent soil (one less learning curve).

    If you choose to go hydro for the benefits you have to decide if you want to buy a set up or make your own.

    I think with 2 intake 2 exhaust you will be fine (if they are average sized fans) and make sure you have atleast one intake facing directly at plant, they grow stronger when having to deal with some wind and that comes in handy when you have a lot of bud on top.

    Before you actually start all the bulding..

    read this

    so that way you know what you will need and dont have to take WAY too many trips to the store.

    Theres a bunch more, but let me know if ive been helpful! and dont be scurred to ask more questions
  9. ummm, no. If you have light leaks into your box when flowering, you will probably produce a hermie!

    ummm, no. It's definately about light getting IN to your box whilst flowering....this would be bad, see above for reason.

    Dude, you want mostly 6500K(daylight) for veg, and mostly 2700K(soft/warm) for flowering.

    windshield covers and emergency blankets reflect lots of light, but also lots of heat! Be careful. flat white paint is excellent if you cant stretch for mylar.

    HTH and good luck with your grow :smoke:

  10. Lol well I honestly don't understand how you would plug it in? :confused:

    I've seen a lot of 1st growers use different kinds of fans and haven't read anything on how to hook/set them up (the small computer fans). I've researched so much I don't understand how I've missed that part. :mad:

    Really? That's the best news I've heard all day :smoke:
    I don't have a store I could go to, so I would have to order from online. That saves me some money and a lot of time. I have been wanting to ask that question but it seems everybody uses nutes, so I figured it's a must.

    This helps a lot, I appreciate it. :D

    Glad you told me this or I would have done the opposite :smoke:
  11. You could use simple tomato feed for vegging nutes, it has an ok N-P-K ratio, but you'll want feed with just P-K for flowering...there are a few organic alternatives that you may find useful. worth looking into so your babies dont starve ;)

  12. Well Nutes are what feeds the plants but i wouldnt go crazy with them if its your first time. I know im probably going to not use nutes for my first grow just because its one more learning curve that i may not get over as quickly and i want less things to possibly go wrong...

    But if i see i can stay on top of that AND the rest of whats going on in my life then i will definitely use nutes to maximize growth.

    Ive seen people not use nute and still get a harvest.. Nutes are just extras for the plant, but if you dont use them im sure your harvest wont be horrible. Now i could be wrong but thats just how i see it.

    And sorry for assuming you knew how to wire the fans and all, im an engineer student so that stuff is basics to me lol.

    So basicaly just cut of the end to expose the copper wire from the charger, and do the same to your PC fan(s), then twist em together its that easy...

    But first make sure you twist all the computer fans to each other before attatching with charger.. and remember... red with red and black with black... lol

    The charger wont be color coded but before you connect them plug it in carefully and touch one end to the red and one end to th black.. if they dont do anything then switch the polarities and mark them and then connect it with electric tape or whatnot.

  13. I definitely don't want to run into many problems my 1st grow. I will probably go with the tomato feed for veg. Is there a feed that you would recommend for flowering? The town I live in has a walmart, but that's it. The closest lowes and home depot is about 25 miles away, and I don't there are many flower shops (at least that I know of) there.

    Simple. I should have known that. :D I appreciate it a lot. Thanks!
  14. Fox Farm Hydroponic Nutrient Trio - Quarts: Patio, Lawn & Garden

    If you want to go a step up from tomato..

    Highly recommended with the fox farm ocean soil as well..

    40 and another 15 for the soil and you will be set. Soil isnt something to skimp out on.

  15. Do you think there is a chance that I could find the nutes & soil at a flower shop? I'm trying to avoid using the internet. Or like you said I could just skip the whole nute process and get good soil.

  16. I havent had any luck.. And why not online if you dont mind me asking?

    Ive looked for it by name for a day and came up with nothing. Or nothing of that quality.

  17. I don't want to wait for everything to get here. I'd rather go out buy what I need and come home and work. Instead of getting it online and waiting so many days before it gets here, but that's me. Eventually I'll probably have to. I am kind of curious on how a harvest would be without feeding the plant any nutes.
  18. Okay, sounds good. If youre going that route id say give them some organic fertilizers that are found in the Fox Farms or any good soil and give them those to munch on.. Just remember that the plant will grow almost twice the size once they start to flower so dont run out of room!

    I personaly have to wait for the seeds so i have a bit of a wait anyways.

  19. I'm going to go out probably tomorrow night or saturday to get the rest of the supplies that I need.

    The seeds that I have could be either male or female so it'll be a toss up once I start. That maybe another good thing about not starting with any nutes, because if it's a male, that'd be a waste of time. But if female , I could get clones off of it and start them off with nutes.

  20. Good thinking!

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