my 1st grow 2 plants

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by snow_bud, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. looking good i would say the 1st 1 is about 5 week the 2nd is only about 2.

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  2. those are some great looking plants for a 1st timer! what are you using for nutrients/light/growing medium? i wish my first grow had been that healthy looking. keep the pics coming. :smoke:
  3. i am using bio bizz bio grow for nute/a 200w blue envirolite and miracle grow bio bizz full mix soil solution
  4. seems to be a winning situation for you man!
  5. i dont mean to sound like a noob with my noob question, but how do you smoke that when it is just leaves? Don't you need buds?
  6. Oh my!

    Checkout some of the stickies in this section, you will learn lots. Basically you eventually change the light cycle over to 12/12 (12 hours on/12 hours off) and the plants start to bud (it simulates winter coming).
  7. It grows buds later in life.
  8. snow bud are you still going with this thread or wat?
  9. ye i am 1 of the plants turned out to be male lol this is the female ive got budding now which is the smaller plant on the right.

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  10. Good Gravy! :eek:

    Is that a Sativa?
  11. its half big bud half northern light
  12. sounds like a tasty mix :smoking:
  13. keep up the good care!
  14. looks good
    one thing i suggest is it looks like your smaller one is in a clear 2l pop bottle... you change that if it is to a container that doesnt let light in

    keep up the good work

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