My 1st ever grow

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  1. Hi all this is my 1st ever grow got sick of paying lots of money for some weed. I am a novice to it all and need a little help.
    As you can see the plants are in a little greenhouse and have been growing for about 2 months in th UK.
    Could anyone tell me when I should start to see the 1st signs of flowering. I have looked at lots of pics to help me sex them when they flower so I should be ok with that.





  2. Hi, Welcome to GC.

    First of i cant click on the pics to zoom in.

    Im not sure what strain your growing but most strains will start to flower in the next few weeks.
    I have strains that are in flower now but they are early flowers.
    Do you know the strain?
    Are you feeding them nutes?Im guessing no.

    Good Luck in your new hobby.:wave:
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    They where a lucky dip of seeds that a friend gave me 5 of them really smell of strong skunk especially the 2 tall ones. I am feeding them fish and bone nutrient and also baby bio.
    I will try and insert some pics you can zoom into.

    I can mail you pics that might be better just tried to insert with zoom and it did not work
  4. If they are stinkin they wont be far behind.
    How big are the pots?
  5. They are pretty big pots I started them in little pots and then moved them into the large pots. Will it be easy to sex them once they start to flower.
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    Whats the best way to add pics that you can zoom in on. I used tinypics to upload these ones.Ok I thinI got it figured out now

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  7. Yeah it will be simple. The males will show at least a couple days before the females.
    Dont get too excited if you see a single pod one day. It could be a caylx with a pistil waiting to come out and that will be female. Here have a look at this.

    female flower.gif
  8. Thats great thanks for the replies I look forward to my crop hehehe. I have an uncle who lives on the sunshine coast in BC Canada. He grows about 30 plants a year on his land and this spurred me to grow my own. He grows mainly hindu kush and its a very nice smoke.

    I think next year I am gonna buy fem seeds that are more suitable for the method of grow I use.
  9. I dont think id ever but femmed seeds. Im only on my first grow too and got reg seeds, but i followed a guide and only pulled 2 males from 30 seeds.
    The info I refer too is about half way down the page. But the whole lot is a good read.
  10. Thanks m8 will have a good read now its exciting for sure watching your plants grow. I thought I might be quite good as I grow lots of organic veg around the garden as well.
    Smoking some afghan black at the moment courtesy of my Bro. I have not seen this stuff for a long time here in the UK.
  11. LOL, I like to grow some fruit too, only really started tho. Got some juicy strawberrys in June was well chuffed.

    Yeah its really satisfying to see em develop, the different stages, the knowlegde gained and then the fruits of your labor.

    Very rewarding. 8)
  12. You got a nice few too for your first grow.
    I like your enthusiasim.
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    My strawberries came early as well my lettuce was the next to be harvested got 5 sacks full of tatties. I also have swedes leeks 4 diff sorts of toms and 5 diff sorts of lettuce chilli is also coming along well. I also have spring onions runner beans and sprouts.

    I sent some some pics to my uncle in BC all he said was you got it going on Bro. He has got it sorted over there theres a group of old hippies who all share there crops and clones with each other. I have been over twice in the past 2 years last sept his crop was nearly ready when I was there.

    I went back over in March this year and got to smoke some of it he had about 4 pounds of kush in his deep freeze. Theres an old guy called old dog who makes resin for them and also gets oil for them as well.

    I know where I am gonna retire to hehehe sunshine coast here I come.
  14. If I get some better close up pics can you tell what strain they are just from looking?
  15. Sry, not possible.
  16. Ask around tho. Someone might know
  17. Ok its like a lucky dip lol wait and see what your gonna get. I know for sure 5 of them stink of skunk should I should be a happy boy when the time comes.

    what could you suggest for nutrients and should I buy some stuff to help them when they start to flower.

    bye bye dealer hehehe
  18. Are there any Hydro shops near you? If not, any Garden stores near you?
  19. Yeah loads of stuff like that 2 massive garden centres not far away.

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