My 1st cfl micro grow

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    Hello everyone!
    This is my first attempt in mj growing. I decided to build a growbox (56x50x100cm).
    I will grow 3 x lowryder easy ryder (Lowryder #2 x AK47) autoflowering.
    I ll use 8 x 45W 6500k CFL for veg and for flowring same but @2700k running 20/4. i ll also have mylar for reflection.
    For ventilation i ll use 1 x 120mm pc fan and i ll cut a hole instead of using a second one for intake.

    I m sorry that i dont have any photos to show you right now, but i havent yet completed the box.

    Please tell me how u find this setup. Any help would be appreciated.

    I ll update with more info soon + photos soon.
  2. Sounds like it will get hot, have you run it and checked the temps?
  3. Jusy so u know u should flower on 12/12. 12 on 12 off. Also mix the spectum 7 6500k and 1 2700k. Good luck on ur grow. Any questions just ask.

  4. Thanks for answering HighlyResonous.
    Thit was one of my first worries actually because I live in a hot city with tempratures at around 90F. However the box will be in an air-conditioned room (68F).
    I took that decision because this set up will give me 8125 lumens/feet^2.
    The other possible solution is 7 of the same lamps (7109 Lumens/feet^2).
    I dont wanna go lower than 7000

    I cant run it to check the temperatures because i havent finished my box yet. I just wanna know before i buy the last things. I ll post any further info + photos when i m done with the box.

    I would be grateful if you have anything else to suggest.

    Thanks for the info Erbalist.
    Do i have to flower strictly on 12/12? if not, do i have any alternatives?
    Also, is it better if i mix the spectrum more (e.g. 6x6500 + 2x2700)?
  5. You have to switch to 12/12 unless you are growing an auto-flowering strain, they will flower under any lighting schedule.
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    I forgot to mention that this strain is autoflowering.
    I ll grow them on 20/4 in both stages then. This is the schedule that the seeds bank proposes.
  7. No... If they are auto flowering... keep the lights on 24/7... That's why it's called auto flowering... it automatically flowers regardless of light cycle... so why deprive your plants of any light? when they could be growing constantly.
  8. Thanks for this HelpDesk. I ll follow your advice.
    I ll post more info when ready. Till then any other suggestion is welcome.
  9. Plants need some rest too, they grow in bursts as nature intended.
    Besides the fact that 24/0 doesn't make them grow noticeably more, it's just stressing them.
  10. Plus temps and electricity costs.
    And wouldnt you want mostly 2700k for flowering not 6500k

    Look at time lapses on youtube, plants look like a fucking jellyfish when they grow
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    Today i went to the stores to get everything i need before i start.
    -5 x easy ryder autoflowering seed from attitude seed bank ( i ll plant grow the 3 of them). I hope they will arrive next week.
    -Wooden box 50x60x100cm (will be ready by Wednesday) + Mylar
    -7 x CFL 40w 6500k + 2x CFL 25w 2700k (for veg) + timer. I ll finally grow them on 20/4 as matmew and Pina cola said.
    -2 x 120mm fans. Both will be exhaust fans. Another hole in the back of the box will work for as intake. I think this set up will be enough to keep the temperature low.
    -3 x 7lt pots, biobizz all mix soil, a root strenghtner, biobloom and DI water.
    - thermometer + ph meter

    Please tell me how you find my list. Any suggestion is welcome.
  12. I've heard the best results with autos is start them under 24/0 and switch them to 20/4 after sexing..or about 3 weeks. I run mine under 20/4 though cuz that's what my veg cycle is :)

    when you get a thermometer, get one with humidity on it too ;)

    list looks solid, good luck.
  13. After some small delays my growbox is ready.
    I ve been running it for some hours and the temp stopped at 96F.
    From what i know the temperature is quite high, so i really need your help!

    I use 2 120mm fans for ventilation. i have them connected to cell phone chargers with 5V output.

    Which solution will decrease the temperature more adequately?
    -12V adapter to increase the fans speed.
    -a small mechanical fan placed next to the pots.

    I am germinating my seeds tomorrow and i want to finish with the last details before i plant them. Any help will be deeply appreciated.
  14. 12v adapter will make them much more powerful. I get mine at thrift stores for 1$. imo the plants should always have enough airflow that they're at least slightly twitching..add the 12v and see how they do...kinda tricky to tell how windy it is in there with the door closed though ;)
  15. An 18/6 light schedule is best for Auto-Flowers from what I have heard. I have been wanting to try Auto-Flowers myself for a while now, so I have read quite a bit on them.
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    I just added one more fan to my box and i connected all of them to a 12V adapter.

    This is the back side of my box.

    The airflow of each fan is 41CFM. The temperature outside the box is 87.8F. However, even with this new setup, the temp hasnt changed a lot (from 96F to 95F).

    Should i lower my watts?(currently 330W for 3 plants). What else can i do to decrease the temp more?
    Can i start my grow with this temp? if no, what temp do i need to be safe?
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    I've heard 18/6 or 20/4.. anything above that won't make a noticeable difference. Stick with what ur seedbank tells you! Marijuana dosn't need a dark period.. but if theres no noticeable difference.. why not save urself a couple $$ in electricity.

    To decrease temps make sure your plants are at the lowest point in your cab and also you might want to think about moving that intake hole to the bottom of your cab aswell. Heat rises.. so its best to have exaust at the top and intake at the bottom.

    You should be ok with temps < 90 degrees.

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