my 1st bubblicious LST

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  1. well this is my 1st time using a real strain other than that i have had 3 bagseed gros. i start 3 plants at a time from seed. for some reason these grew kinda slow except for one of them. maybe it was something i did? well now i am LST'in them for more bud sights. its day 40 of veg and just waiting on the slower ones to catch up a lil b4 i flower! i have a 250 watt hps i used from start to finish. i use shultz 10-15-10 with micro nutes can't wait!!! as i can see what looks to be trichs already? is that possible? with my loupe they look crystally and look like bubble looking trichs?.never seen that b4 in veg? it is nirvanas bubblicious a.nd they say its a white strain? maybe thats why. well heres the pix of day 40!
  2. how do u post pix? lol i am stoned and confused? i uploaded to my gallery? i click add attachments but it says upload error?
  3. Use imageshack to host your pics. Hurry, I wanna see! =P
  4. yeah man^^^^^^^^^^^ day 40 vegging, in lst,,,, that bastard proably looks like a hedge,,,,,,;)
  5. actually not all that huge. plus i had a the worst shit ever happen last night! the power went out! so what i did was when it came back on i had 1 and a half hours left till dark cycle so i just kept it off and resumed the regular schedule today. i hope it didn't screw the plants up because i didn't want it off for a 2 hours then back on for 1 and a half more that would really mess it up? what do u think guys ?
    that image shack thingy loads my pix but then i copy and paste the thing and it shows a x where the pic is like it don't load??? wtf i mean can't u just load um on to here like overgrow was or icmag??? why u got to go through another site anyways? oh well maybe i am doin somehting wrong?
  6. just host the pics on image shack and post the url link to the pictures
  7. Nah man don't have to do all that to load pics.. if your pics are to large then you have to resize them to a smaller size, but all you have to do is hit photogallery in the menu above.. Then hit upload photos (top right) then hit browse and find your picture on your computer. Then you hit process and that puts your picture on grasscity.. once it's on gc you just right click on the picture and copy the http and paste it into your posts. if you click that little mountain and sun icon in the post menu you can put the http there and that will show the picture in your thread too.

    umm hope this helps LOL I'm a bit tired today
  8. You handled that power outtage perfectly. Your plants should be fine.
  9. ok guys heres pix from today there r 4 pix. the biggest one has a side and top pic. the other smaller ones just a top pic. its day 41 and i figured i'd just switch to flower today as i would be happy with what i get from them now. i like to keep my plants short and compact LST so i get a main cola and a few side colas also.i bend sideways and twisty then as they get bigger sideways around the pots with twisty ties so they seem smaller than normal .the 2 r actually a lil smaller than i usually go but what the hell i got more nirvana strains to try anyways. they will catch up as they all grow pretty fast now. well heres the pix. looks very indica compared to all the bagseed i've grown heres the best one i got it was faster than the rest hope its not a male!!!!
    heres the other 2 small ones
    what u guys think?
  10. no comments? anyone? i can't wait to find out if its fems or guys!!! any comments will do! critisize me or something lol :smoke: i am high and drunk so lay it on me! plus i am bored and any message will make me read for a second or so haha cmon !!!! lol
  11. looks good man. :]
  12. I just LST'd my plant this morning and I must say, as a first time grower, I found the the whole 90 degree angle bend scary. I thought I was gonna break the stem...but I didn't. :)

    Good luck on the grow. I hope you get 100% females.
  13. first of all good luck! second of all, u refered to this as growing for real for the first time, refering to what Im assuming is purchasing seeds as opposed to using the aforementioned "bag seeds". I take it that these seeds have not been feminized, and further over, do not appear to be that of a stable strain. You may begin to notice different phenotypes exhibited when you grow these plants out. I am saying this due to the lack of uniform results in your garden. This is an interesting and expariment provoking revelation. If one or two of the plants turn out to be male, if you know what your doing, its not a bad idea to save the pollen if you plan on breeding in the future. Judging by the calyxes visible on the plants pictured, Im assuming you should have primarily females.
  14. ya this is my 4th gro 2 using 6 40watt flouros (airy bud)and then last gro the 250 hps (nugs)but all sativa like bagseeds. this is my 1st real strain. can u see calyxs? i don't see them yet i was looking today for white hairs but its been pretty much only 2 days flower if u count the power outage night. also they seem to be in there stretch as they seem to be growing bigger everyday and i LST them down more everyday. thanks for the support i hope u all get females also. lol the 90 degree bend is scary but sometimes i bend a lil then the next day pull it down more and more and so forth. weed seems pretty flexible lol. LST does work wonders as my 1st gro i left regular and it was tall and lanky with a huge cola on top and smaller ones on the bottom but with LST u get bigger buds from the bottom as well as the top. last gro i counted 14 budsites. well thanks guys keep u posted with pix and updates now that i know how to post pix lol
  15. calyxes are visible especially on the plant that is tied down. Plants (especially sativas) will continue to stretch during the first couple weeks of flowering. Sativas really have to be "trained" so they dont grow to high, unless your outdoors or growing in a building where height is not an issue. As for my plants being females, no worries, always are - hence CLONING.
  16. I do appologize... On your "ladies" i refered to Stipules as Calyxes, my mistake. However, the stipules (2 little hairs) comming up from branch sites are a dead giveaway of a female plant.
  17. I do appologize... On your "ladies" i refered to Stipules as Calyxes, my mistake. However, the stipules (2 little hairs) comming up from branch sites are a dead giveaway of a female plant.
  18. i hope your right. thats my biggest plant lol. i really was looking after i read your post and used my 30x loupe i still don't see any tho really so i will not get too excited. i will keep my eyes peeled and everyone updated as soon as i see soemthing
  19. day 43 and day 3 of flower! nothing yet! i looked real hard today and still see no white hairs :( . hopefully i get a 1 gurl at least.... heres my pix of the 3 now. i ferted again today since i switched to flower to help them with there big stretch. i tried to get close ups but my light sux i need to hook up a flouro and take some pix next time. the hps doesn't help either lol. ok heres those pix. what ya think? ialso LST'd a lil more and got my main top of my biggest even with the other tops. i am also working on the lil ones
  20. well day 45 and 5 days flower i know now i believe my biggest nicest plant is a male i am 85% sure.:(
    the other one looks tarwrd male :( but i am not sure and will wait a few more days and looks like the one i got in a 1 gallon is a female or hermie as i see 2 white pistils!!!!! so hopefully i have 1 female bubblicious just like i asked:hello: !!!!! i need to transpalnt to a bigger pot and will do soo in a few days after i water. i will also watch the others and make the cut in a day or 2 when i am 100 percent sure i will also try to get pix up soon!!!!!! thanks guys for all the support i will keep ya posted!

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