My 160 mg Oxy trip lol. (never had oxy b4)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by hushkush, Dec 28, 2009.

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  1. one, you dont "trip" off oxy... and two.. you said you bought a half quarter... quit trying to sound like you buy alot of weed ( you sound fucking stupid) and just say you bought an 8th.
  2. 160 MG of Oxy would KILL a first timer.

    Cool story, though :rolleyes:
  3. Haha I get that shit when i see a bug on my arm or something.
  4. i know dan, ive met him, hes not a liar. maybe he got some oxy 10's, 20's, 30's or 40's instead of 80's, but he does get his pot and powder at an amazing price. i know that i puked after snorting a whole 30 to myself the 1st time i did em.

    2nd, why would you bump a 3 year old thread.

    and 3, call a (ex)mod a dumbass.

    and 4, talk to someone who has been banned for like a year and a half now.
  5. damn this thread has everything from a bunch of banned members to a dead member (RIP lantern)
    im not gonna comment anymore cuz this is from 2k6, but I hope I never hear or see "oxy TRIP" anymore.

  6. aggghh

    I didn't even see the 06 :eek:

    my badddd!
  7. not you flowerchild, the cool guy that posted before you that felt the need to talk shit to someone who posted 3 years ago and was banned almost 2 full years ago.

    on local boards in my area people get 24hr bans for dumb shit like this.
  8. couldnt you tell by all the old schoolers/banned members darling?
    eh, its still early. s'all gravy.
    edit- sometimes i wonder what AFD is up to nowadays lol, gc was that dudes life.

  9. Well, he means they make your nuts itch, but sometimes all you can do to make the itch go away is to do the ol' P&R
  10. Damn that's a nice dose. Haha. I'm glad you're alright bro.
  11. I agree, but maybe you just have a lower tolerance.
    I can snort a whole 80 and not really feel too fucked up, and I don't do pills very often.

    But yeah, you should kiss the ground, cause I can name quite a few people that have died doing oxycontin in this town.
  12. yeah i believe you fucked up doin both. you could have just railed the one oxy and been plenty zooted. then you would have one bean left over and another one on the way so i guess it dont pay to be a badass after all.
  13. I sold 2 80s to this girl once...She never tried it before and told me a few days later she had eaten both that night at once....160mg....She went to the ER she told me and was in there for 24hours getting her stomach pumped...Dont fuck with pills unless your ready dude...I use to be hooked on it for about 6 weeks and wouldnt even pop 160 at once...just 40s and careful
  14. Im a little hesitant on believing this story...but on the chance its true, let me say your an idiot lol. 160 mg of oxycodone with no opiate tolerance is an extremely dangerous amount, and frankly, im a little suprised your still alive lol

  15. lol, it was early and I was high :smoke:

    I dunno, I miss a lot of the older members
  16. even with this thread being from 2K6, I just wanna say 2 80's and a 1/2 gram of blow for 30$? BBBBBBBBBSSSSSSSSSSSS:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: you'd be lucky to get any single one of those items for 30 bucks mang

    and R.I.P to Lantern....did he used to be a mod?
  17. nope, r u sure it was actually an 80 mg oxy? because u woulda been in the hospital off 160 mg first time user so clearly they werent 80s.
  18. wow..
    forum nazis

  19. You sir, are retarded. You're lucky those pills are timed release and you obviously didnt crush them into fine powder because that EASILY could have killed you. Fucking research first man, unbelieveable. And that seroquel? Its an anti-psychotic. All it will do is fucking dope you out like you wouldnt believe and knock you out. Its not a clean feeling high by any means, and it gets fucked when you smoke on it. Nowhere NEAR the same value of an oxy, even a fcking oxy 5mg is better. But yea, the puking the whole next day? You're bodies way of getting that shit out of your system. It was most likely still kicking and built up for all those hours til your body said "Fuck, my brain is retarded for taking this shit beyond a single dose." and yacked it out. Research man, you couldve died.

    FYI, I was on Oxy's for a year and a half and was up to 200mg's a day. I know my shit.
  20. This thread is so damn old. Surprisingly I actually remember reading it and I don't remember shit.

    Flic91: You are talking to a banned member in a thread from 2006.
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