My 10x10 perpetual harvest grow shed

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  1. Hello everyone, thanks for checking out my thread! I'm a long time reader first time posting anything though. Right now I'm growing 6 strains that I've started from femenised seeds. My growing medium is soil, im using the fox farm soil along with there nuet line along with fabric pots for better root ventalation.
    To start out with i began this journey about 5 months ago when i got into a new place. I started shopping around and the price of sheds completely built was insane! Me being a diy-er and having construction experience i decided to build my shed myself! I built it 10×10×9 its divided into 1 5x5×8 sealed square(the flower room). Around that on one side is the electrical room(housing my ballest,and electrical panel). Inside this room is also shelfs holding my nuets and other random stuff i need for the ladys along with my humidity dome area for cuttings.
    On the other side of the shed is a 3×4 where i veg my plants. I grow 10 in each cycle in 5 gallon pots.
    For lights I'm running a t5 for veg, a enclosed 1000 watt hps completly sealed and ran outside along with a 900 watt king LED for flowering! At first i thought the LED may have been overkill but my canopy disagreed!

    Running lots of circulating air in both rooms, and a ac in flowering room to keep it at a healthy 75-82°.
    This has been my first cycle thru them this setup so i dont have any yield numbers. I plan to get more LEDS and get rid of the hps eventually as time goes on.
    My training on these plants has been alot of LSTed, i started out in a scrog but removed it because I personally love to spend time in my grow area moving my plants for tending, rotating ect and the screen made it impossible! These have all been topped on the 4th node then lollipopped.
    These plants are in there 4th week of flowering, i plan to shoot for 9-10 weeks flower time.
    My veg plants are in there 4th week as well under a 18/6 lighting with 86° temp.

    I'll keep this updated as time goes on!

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  2. Looks cool. I’m looking forward to following along.:jump:
  3. Thanks man! Im going to upload more pics of what this has taken so far! Just realised i only added pics of the ladys of what they look like now but they've been growing awhile!
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  4. These are pictures of the plants up to this point. Not really in order but just to get the thread caught up figured these would help!

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  5. Today is the start of week 6 of flower! The plants are coming along nicely! Been giving my ladys the recommended dosage of big bud and blossom builder from fox farm nuet line

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