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My 1000th post...wohooo!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sidious, Jan 3, 2003.

  1. Well i'm glad to say that i have now reached 1000 posts...and i have loved every minute of my time spent here with you's....and i mean all of you's.....good karma to all of you's for the future and may God's love be with you's.....when i first came here the first people i met were Woody and Critter and indica bud, then as time goes on people come and people go....and people return for me....i have a feeling i'll be sticking around for a long time to come...the advice i was given here was spot on from the likes of my master Woody.....B.P.P......mccurry....and critter....and there's even stuff i'm still learning every day....i still spend a lot of time reading past posts about all sorts of ferts and tips and basically what i'm trying to say is that i was helped so much that i'm gonna keep on trying to help answer questions in the growing forums..(as loborious as it can be all had to start somewhere)...My old fav is "i've got a pot and some soil and a light much bud can i expect to get?" i will allways try to be here for the blades and bladies of the city as long as i'm needed.....and especially a big shout out to the bladies of the city.....sensemil, RMJL, Mrs Dirty where is ol Dirty??....and especially indiana for being there with the recipies for twinkies and stuff when Mrs D is away with the if i missed anyone's only in type and not in's to another 1000.......Peace out...Sid
  2. That post is getting me teary eyed Sid.... Thanks for all the knowledge that you have passed along to me as well as many other here. It's active members like you that keep this place the best spot on the 'Net.

    Congrads on your 1000 post.....May you have many 1000's more my friend.

    P.S. Any word from the evil bastards at Hostess yet? lol
  3. Hell yeah....i forgot all about's what they sent this morning.....

    Thank you for visiting Planet Twinkie!

    Hostess products are only sold in the United States. Unfortunately,
    international delivery arrangements cannot be made.

    We appreciate your interest in Hostess! Please stop by Planet Twinkie

    the bastards....i'm gonna need to make them...oh's off to the kitchen....imagine the sales that they're missing out on....all us European stoners have the right to have twinkies as a stable part of our's our god-damn human out...Sid
  4. Man did they ever screw you over!! You know what we need to do to get back at these bastards? Start one of those online petitions for "Twinkie sales in the UK"

    "Special International delivery arrangement cannot be made"

    Jerks. Everyone needs a Twinkie! Sing this to the tune of the slinky song. Hehe. I'm gonna find out where we can get one of those petitions started. I'll let ya know.
  5. hehe, today i made my 300th post... i got some catchin up to do
  6. Congrats, SID!!!! You rock, dude!!!

    We love ya and want you to be around FOREVER and EVER and EVER and EVER....ok, you get my drift!

    I signed your petition, by the way, cause I'm cool like that!
  7. congrats on the 1000th post :D i'm gonna go sign that petition soon, lol. damn them stinky twinkie hoggers. damn them all to twinkieless hell! lmao!

    anywayz, hope to see ya here for 1000's more posts.
  8. tnx blades and will be here for thousands more.....Peace out....Sid
  9. What critter said!
  10. sweet dude congrads ill be happy whedn i make it to 100 lol

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