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  1. When I weigh myself tomorrow morning I should come in at around 188lbs, which at 5'7" is making me a fat bastard. I would like to reach a target weight of 155lbs so that is a total weight loss of 33lbs or 17.6%. Ouch! I've watched the odd episode of The Biggest Loser (or the Biggest Hypocrite as I sit there with a pizza) and in 8 weeks they are losing around 18% of their body weight. So as I am currently growing some white widows, and I am 10 weeks away from harvest, I am going to match my weight loss with my grow. How nice it will be in 10 weeks time to harvest, while at the time being healthier and fitter.

    It's going to be hard work, and I will have to address my diet and exercise. There is a lot to change.

    My main issues are soft drinks, this has to stop. I get quite a few sugar hits from it so I imagine my body will go through some withdrawal symptoms. Lack of energy possibly, disruption with sleep patterns. I'll substitute it with fresh fruit and bite the bullet. 700 calories a day from soft drinks...!

    Breakfast is another unhealthy meal. I usually have a latte, not that bad but I can do better. I was thinking smoothies instead and introducing more fresh fruit that way. I am going to aim for 1600 calories a day and try and balance my diet out. Better cooking.

    Exercise. Well my list of exercises is limited. I fractured my knee 2 years ago and tore a ligament. I had surgery to clean up the cartilage, but the ligament was left. They sometimes re-attach by themselves. The best thing I could do is lose weight, and 33lbs is a considerable amount of extra weight to be carrying around. I measured my thighs and my left thigh is 2 inches smaller. I have an exercise bike and I am aiming for 2 sessions a day, morning and evening for 1 hour. I did an hour tonight and my knee held up. Now my muscles are sore but that is no excuse, if those tubbies on tv can handle 2 sessions a day so can I.

    At some point I am going to do weights and so on. I have some around the house that will do. I don't want to join a gym though. 10 weeks to grow some weed, lose weight, change my life, get health and save money. Yes save money too. Cooking all your own meals from scratch will be considerably cheaper. The lifestyle needs changing.

    So, instead of a grow journal it's a lifestyle journal, just don't go asking for porn :)
  2. I suggest trying the raw food diet or the warrior diet. Look them up.

    The raw food diet would be one hell of a lifestyle change for a ten week period and would shed body fat.
  3. Sounds like you've got a good plan and know what your problem areas are. I've found that the most efficient way to achieve my goals is to work toward them at a pace that is comfortable for me, not compare myself to others, and cut myself slack when I need it.

    Fresh fruit is the bomb. Skim milk is my drink of choice. I've found that when my muscles get more than a little sore, they need some time to recover, otherwise I'm working my way toward an injury and will have to take a break from my exercise routine, losing momentum and morale.
  4. Just know that for this to happen, 80% of it comes from nutrition.

    You can workout... just don't come home, get stoned, and start eating everything.

    It's going to be tough, but if you just actually fully commit to it, you will definitely lose weight.
    Try to eat healthy foods, and eat every few hours to stay at least half full.

    I suggest not eating after 8 pm. AT ALL. Unless it's like a protein shake, or maybe MAYBE a spoonful of peanut butter. Or nuts.
  5. try swimming for cardio probably better for legs than bike.

  6. Thanks, I'll look them up and see if I can take anything from it but to be honest I hate the word diet and I am no warrior either :) I can not get up in the morning and think diet, because that just tells me all of those things that I can not have. I'm gonna aim for a daily calorie intake of about 1600 and do exercise at the same time. Cook more food, introduce more fresh food and variety in my diet and hopefully 10 weeks from now I will have the tools and habit to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Hopefully that will help me maintain my weight as well.

    Knowing what the problem area is one thing, addressing it is another :) One step at a time and yes, cutting yourself some slack is also very important. In the past I would go on a diet, and on the first bad day that was it, diet over. Should a bad day come my way it will be a bad day, and just that, not a diet stopper.

    I'm toying with the idea of not weighing myself at all for the next 5 weeks at least, and maybe go 10 weeks. Then jump on the scale after all the buds have been trimmed and jarred and...boom!

    If I get on a scale now all it's going to tell me is that I am fat. Losing 2-3 pounds a week is good but there are lifestyle changes that need addressed. If I exercise regularly and eat healthily then I will know I am losing weight. I bought some jeans the other day...too tight, so I have something to work towards, and all those clothes I haven't worn in a while.

    I agree that nutrition is the game changer here. My basic metabolic rate is 2300 (apparently) so on 1600 calories a day I am losing 700 calories a day from diet. Exercise is the bonus.

    A 500mL bottle of soft drink is about 250 cals. If I think of how long I need to cycle to shed those 250 cals (about 20 mins) it makes it easy to put it down.

    Yes, I should try swimming, and I probably will in 5-6 weeks time. It's great exercise. Cycling is making me use my thigh muscles which is the target area. With my knee injury and surgery I very quickly lost muscle mass on my thighs. Within 2-3 days the damage was done. It's easier to get on the bike than trekking across town for a pool.
  7. Throw out your scale and get a body fat measuring device. That is the only way to tell if what you are doing is working. Also look up your basal metabolic rate via online BMR calculators to give yourself an idea of how much you should eat and exercise to reach your goals.
  8. Before my diet, I was taking in a lot of fast food, junk food, and pop. I knew it was going to be really hard to cut out these foods that taste good and super convenient, but reading nutrition labels on everything really stuck in my head for motivation to quit. I mean, i was eating fast food every week, but i decided to cut the junk out no matter how much burgers and chips called my name for the first few weeks. I replaced all my pop with water bottles, and replaced junk food into healthy foods with low calorie & fat intakes and cut my food portions. It's hard to cut these things out and follow through with a diet plan, but with replacing junk food with healthier items, it's pretty simple. I've been on this diet since December and I've now lost 15 pounds. I've started running/walking at parks to hopefully speed up the process a little bit more. Just changing the way you eat will help immensely with weight loss. I hope this lengthy post helps you :)

  9. Eyes are the body fat measuring device :) I see what you mean though, if I were to starve myself I would lose weight but I would be losing muscle mass first so while my weight would be going down my body fat isn't.

    You're right about finding your BMR. Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) Calculator I'm coming in at about 1800 which is ok for a sedentary lifestyle. As I get more active I am sure that it will increase.

    I'm aiming for 1600 cals a day. These last 4 days have been there or there about, not easy being on the go all the time, but I've done my healthy shop and I've been eating, and enjoying it.

    That means I would be losing about 200 cals a day. I've been cycling for an hour at 18-20mph, it's suggesting about 750 cals burned so I am close to 1000 cals total for the day. At this rate I should lose 2-3 pounds a week. Seems like a healthy weight loss.

    Thanks for the lengthy post. It helps the motivation. When I sat down I couldn't be bothered at the thought of getting on the exercise bike but now I am motivated to get on it. I'm aiming for an hour a day with a rest day every 3 or so days and I'll be including strength training as well. I'm expecting this session to hurt.

    Pop has been my killer too. I used to drink diet stuff but that is even worse. Aspartame is a killer!!!!! Kicking that addiction was really difficult. Headaches, dizziness and so on. Glad it's behind me. Giving up the sugar drinks hasn't been as hard so far. I replaced the ones I drink outside of the house of the house with water, and when I'm in the house water, orange juice or a herbal tea. 700 calories a day came from pop. I'm hoping that this change alone will shift the weight.

    Well done on the weight loss. I think the worse part is getting started, once you hit a rhythm it's easier, and you need to accept bad days as just that, a bad day not a diet killer. With nutrition under control exercise is the bonus part. Walking/running is great. In time you should look at strength training. Muscle has a higher BMR than fat. I found this, How to Choose Your Strength Training Exercises - Tips for Choosing Strength Training Exercises I'm going to work my way around it for the next couple of weeks of get used to working all the major muscle groups.

    I also found a really nice smoothie recipe. I had never thought about using frozen fruit. Berry Healthy Breakfast Smoothie | Smoothie Recipes

  10. Is that like a bump? :confused:

    Monday weigh in 185 lbs. Making it a 3lbs loss in the last 6 days. Been exercising, 1 hour on the bike 3 days on, 1 day off and I started some sort of strength training today as well. Diet is improving, looking for new recipes and planning to add much more vegetables to my dinners. Oh and a treat, I found a recipe for blueberry muffins I want to try. About 120 cals each, not bad for an evening treat.

    Switching the girls to flower tonight so that makes it 8/9 weeks to harvest and 27lbs to go.
  11. Instead of using an exercise bike ride a real bike dude. It can be life changing. Fat? Tired? Poor? Sad? Biking fixes everything. Use it to get groceries, to go to your job, to just go for a ride, to ride to the gym when you start weight training. Suddenly you're in shape, with more money since you're not paying for as much gas, you feel fucking great riding everywhere, and you will have more energy when your body adapts.
  12. don't wait to work out.

    get on a good weight lifting programs. when you lift weights your muscles burn cals for 72 hours after.

    also more with more muscle you burn more cals. so get in a gym!!!! or atleast start doing pushups, dips, sit ups, any free weight exersices you have.

    you can get a full workout without a gym if you really don't want to go.

  13. HIIT is high intensity interval training.

    One thing that no one has mentioned so far is stretching. Stretching is just as important as doing the actual exercise. It's immensely beneficial.
  14. oh ya YOGA
  15. Thanks for the support guys :wave:

    Yeah man, I used to ride a real bike. I've had knee problems, torn posterior cruciate and cartiladge removed. Getting on the bike and cycling for an hour was psychologically challenging. It held up well, so the next day I went at it again. My left thigh is 2 inches smaller than my right last week. This week it seems more like 1.75 inches smaller. As I get fitter I will try and ride a bike. The problem with it is the moments you stand up to cycle, and that puts pressure on my knee which I don't know if I am ready for. I feel I already have more stability on my knee but baby steps for now :)

    Yeah! Don't wait to work out! I picked my free weights up today for the first time in ages. It's a start. A little bit of upper body work out just to feel where my limits are. 3 sets of 10-12 reps. Tomorrow I will add a little more to it and expand on the muscle groups. Pushups are great for chest exercises, abs I hate, I need to work on my lower back first.

    Ahhh...I'll check it out.

    I agree that stretching is as important, something else I am slowly working into the workout routine. I should probably stretch properly every morning when I wake up. Thanks!
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    Hey man like the first poster said, look into the raw food diet. I know you are into spirituality and this diet will do that wonders and on top of that it really is the healthiest thing you can do for your body. Don't think of it as a diet, but a lifestyle. You transition into it and then once you see and feel the results people don't wanna go back lol you just look and feel too good to want to eat anything else haha

    ^ check out my thread and ask me any questions that you may have. You don't have to go all out at first. You can even eat 50% raw and work from there. What is important is that you at least start to incorporate more and more fresh raw fruits and veggies (especially dark leafy greens) into what you eat everyday. You'll see results VERY quickly.

    Oh and eat AS MANY RAW FRUITS AND VEGGIES AS YOU WANT!!! Go to the farmers market or where ever has the best produce (supermarket should be your last choice) and get as much of whatever it is you like.

    The key is to make sure whatever you're eating whether it's raw or cooked is low fat, high carb. Not all calories are created equal. You can eat more calories from carbs and not gain fat, than you can eat calories from fat and not gain fat.

    If you eat raw fruits and veggies you DO NOT HAVE TO CALORIE RESTRICT. There is no way in hell you can eat as many fruits and veggies it would take to make you fat. It's basically impossible. Stuff your face with fruit if you want. If you can't handle ONLY fruit than mix in some rice or quinoa or whatever else you like that is high carb, low fat. Raw foods are best though and always strive to add more and more.

    I'm 100% raw now. I am eating as much fruit as I want all day and then I get my greens in at night. Not too many other veggies...I focus on the dark greens like spinach, kale, romaine, lettuce, dandelions, etc.


    Basically the recipe for the success you are looking for in health and even spirituality will come with PLENTY of sleep and rest, loads of carbs (very low fat, preferably fruit), WATER (only drink I recommend other than fresh juice and smoothies), tons of green leafy herbs, meditation, and exercise.

    Follow that guideline and your life will improve DRAMATICALLY.

    Peace :smoke:

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