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My 10$ pick-up

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by AntiErix, May 17, 2010.

  1. Sorry i didnt have any chage to size it up 2 so i used Reese Cups XD now i got the munchies and they were eat n after this post. The bud is grate its kinda like a mellow sleepy high and thats what i want ^_^ haveing trouble sleeping any way im go roll a j and relax:wave: reese's 001.JPG

    reese's 002.JPG
  2. Looks straight for $10:)

  3. well bruh bruh that looks like sum ole reggies and from the looks of things i reckon you got a lil bit shorted
  4. i rolled 1 fat joint and like 3 pinner's
  5. that more like $5 worth. it should be twice as much as that if you paid $10
  6. oh nvm thats a great deal
  7. It looks like a decent $10 sack. Maybe slightly shorted because it looks like regs.
  8. i can get twice as much + alot better looking buds for 8

  9. sweet dude tell us more about this
  10. yah please do, if i hit my dude up for an 8 bag i'd probably get my ass kiced when igot there:confused:
  11. I think he was jokingly imitating other deuche bags who do that. lol
  12. lol 10$ isnt a lot of money -2 and i still dont care cause in the long run you lose on that sorta thing like

    Dealer: hey sorry i can only give this mutch this week cause im running low and ive been givein you a discount cant you pay full price?

    And im like sure man you have treated me good in the past and all that.

    :1 week later it occorcs agine im like oook.
    this proceeds to happen for like 2weeks and i had to find a better dealer cause this guy i found out was doing this to a lot of people.

    Its a smart bussiness move if you dont do it to every one but he and i still lost in the long run.
  13. Om nom nom nom nom
  14. Thats a good ass looking peanut butter cup. Peanut butter showin thru the chocolate!! :eek: I'm drooling.


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