my 1 plant setup!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by le4ch, Oct 31, 2003.

  1. Hey, this is my setup .. it consists of 1 65watt 7500 lumen CF and a couple fans ...

    I know that a 65watt cf would only be good for about 18" x 18" so i went for even smaller then that to get the most power out of it.

    I took a bucket and coded the entire inside with foil and put the light so its entirely in it ...

    Here are some pics tell me what you thinK! and tell me if you think the bucket idea will work!


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  2. and heres a differant view ... also another question .. will a 16oz big gulp plastic cupmelt under 1 flouor like this combined with the foil??

    thanks ..

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  3. you are planning on a bigger setup later on though right and there is only one plant? no i dont think it will melt the cup but i know the plant will out grow that cup quick.
  4. Looks like it will work fine, you'll of course have to move the lighting system up as the plant grows upward. You shouldn't have any heat problems with a fluoro. Make sure, though, that the dull side is facing out on the foil, or it can create hot spots.
  5. im going to be transplanting the plant out of the cup asap .. jsut want to get it started in there , how mnay holes should i put in the bottom of the cup? Also, i will be moving the bucket lower and lower and have the light stay the same high

    how far away should i have the light frokm the plant?

  6. yeh..that works..:) 3 or 4 holes should be good.

    As for lighting, fluoros can be pritty close, use this method -
    put your hand as close as it can get to the light bulb without getting uncomfortably warm, this is where you want your plant to be, plants and humans feel warmth relatively the same, so its a good method to use..:)
  7. how close when the seed has not sprouted yet?

  8. the same distance as if it was sprouted.
  9. alright sounds good :) thanks for all the info ...

    Can someone help me on how often and how much to water??

  10. water every time the top of the soil is dry probably every two days and just water until u see little drops of water from the bottom of the pot.
  11. what do you mean little drops from the bottom ... do you mean that there will be water cioming out of the bottom of the cup out of the drainage holes?

  12. yep I believe thats what he means...I just feel the soil, if its getting pritty dry, I water more, if its still moist, I let it go for a bit longer.
  13. sorry, i know i said that the lights were good for 18 x 18, but theyre accually only 15w, so their good about 2 - 4 per sq.ft.
  14. Does anyone recommend this setup for a first-time one plant grow? Will this method work up to harvest time if you keep moving the plants away from the lights and adding stronger lights?
  15. this isnt a good setup for a single plant from start to finish. You need a tall box of some sort. A good box size would be 2'6" tall 12"x12" and have a 70 w hps or 3-4 26w CFL's.

    * edit* the light you have now is fine. You just need a better box. The CFls dont penetrate and not allot of light would get to the outer buds if you would have a 18"x18" area. A 12"x12" box with a U shaped scrog screen would be best because all the buds would be close to the CFL.
  16. that nice 100w MH will fit good in a 2.5' tall box (maybe 18" x 18", or 24" x 12")

    it would be simple to make a box with a single sheet of 1/2" plywood.....

    PM me if ya need help making it..... :)

    i've heard that MHs work pretty good for flowering.. i'll have to try it myself some day... i beleive that organic4ever (i think thats his name) flowers under a few MHs... and has beautiful dense plants....

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